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Ranking the Jaguars 1st Round Picks: #15-#11

It's that time of year where everyone is looking into their crystal balls and wondering how the future will turnout. However, I find it useful to take a glance at the past as well when predicting the future. This week we'll be taking a trip down memory lane and looking at the Jaguars' previous first round picks. The Jaguars' selections have run the gambit from excellent to bust, and everything in between. I believe you have to wait three years before offering any definitive opinion on a draft pick, so Derrick Harvey and Eugene Monroe are exempt from this list.

This post will be dealing with the bottom-of-the-barrel, and we'll work our way up from there. These are the picks that we would all rather forget about, but many still continue to haunt the Jaguars to this day.

15. R. Jay Soward, WR, USC, 2000

In a failed attempt at this last year, I wrote an article on Soward that can be read here. Nothing has changed one way or the other.

14. Byron Leftwich, QB, Marhsall, 2003

You can certainly say that Leftwich was a better player than anyone else on this list. However, when you whiff on a QB in the Top 10, it can create a disaster for your franchise. The selection of Leftwich directly led to the Jagaurs selecting the next two players on this list, passing on players like Ben Roethlisberger and Terrell Suggs, and led to Mark Brunell's unceremonious exit as a Jaguar.

The last part I think is still something a lot of people aren't over in this town. I know quite a few people who still won't get over how the whole Leftwich/Brunell saga went down.

13. Matt Jones, WR, Arkansas, 2005

It was a tough decision to decide where to put Jones and Reggie Williams on this list. Both could be classified as the poster boys of failed Shack Harris picks. Neither put up anything close to the kind of numbers one would want out of a first round pick, had various off the field incidents, and neither managed to get  a job in the NFL after they left the Jags. Well, Reggie Williams does have a team record to his credit, and Matt Jones' drug arrest was while he was still with the team. With that, Jones gets one spot lower.

12. Reggie Williams, WR, Washington, 2004

See Above

11. Reggie Nelson, S, Florida, 2007

Remember Nelson's rookie year? Remember him being a ball-hawk and making Jags think the team had a future multiple Pro Bowler on their team? Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what happened either. Nelson has gone from very good to mediocre to terrible in his three years as a Jaguar. The fact that the Jaguars are seriously looking at Tennessee's Eric Berry and Texas' Earl Thomas this soon after selecting Nelson tells you all you need to know about his time as a Jaguar.