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2010 Scouting Report Presented by Comcast: Torrell Troup, DT, UCF

This post is presented by Comcast

For most of the last decade, the Jaguars were known for their two massive defensive tackles in John Henderson and Marcus Stroud who swallowed up any runners that came at them. Those days are over with Marcus Stroud in Buffalo and Henderson's football years waning. However, Gene Smith helped the Jaguars take a huge step in the right direction with the addition of Terrance Knighton in the 2009 draft. In a rookie class that ranked amongst the top in the league, Knighton was one of the best. 

One of the needs for the Jaguars moving forward is to find a new player to take over for Henderson and play alongside Knighton for years to come. If the Jaguars were to have the opportunity to draft a player like Torrell Troup of UCF, they'd be taking a player that would create a run stuffing duo rivaling that of Stroud and Henderson. While Troup wouldn't be one racking up sacks, he'd demand double teams and allow one on one matchups for the edge rushers. In the words of MikeThomasSlotReceiver they'd be taking a "S-T-U-D."

If you want an idea on what kind of player Troup is, compare him to Terrance Knighton. Knighton measured in at his combine at 6'3, 321, Troup at 6'3, 314. Knighton ran his 40 yard dash in 5.21 seconds with a 1.75 split after 10 yards, Troup ran his in 5.12 seconds with a 1.75 split. Knighton had a 28" vertical jump while Troup had a 29" jump. Basically they would be like twins on the defensive line.

What's questionable is whether or not he'll be scooped up by a team in need of a nose tackle. Finding lineman that fit in the 3-4 is very difficult and prospects that fit are often highly overdrafted. If the Jaguars are unable to acquire a pick in the 2nd round, the likelihood of them drafting Troup will plummet. Since Troup is such a natural fit as a 3-4 NT, the Jaguars will have to hope teams in need of one will pass on him and allow him to fall. With the amount of interest the Jaguars have showed in Troup, it seems probable that they would jump at the opportunity to take him if he was available with their 3rd round pick. 

Video Killed the Scouting Report


Torrell Troup: By the Numbers


Torrell Troup
Position 1:  Defensive Tackle
Height:  6'3
Position 2:  N/A
Weight: 314
Class:  Senior Age:  ?
Projected Round: 2nd-3rd

 40time:  5.12


2nd Team All-Conference USA 2008, 2009

Stats Overview Tackles Misc Interceptions
2008 51 29 22 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0
2009 32 21 11 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0

According to the Experts

CBS Sports

Mocking the Draft - Follow the link for the full report

Excerpt: ...He may always be a rotational nose, but he’d be a good one. He’s very stout at the point of attack and doesn’t get pushed off the line. He’s not especially quick, so he may solely a 3-4 player.

CDS Draft


Big and strong. Hard to move off the line. Tough. Decent condition. Fairly instinctive. Good effort. Good balance.


Not a pass rusher. Not very quick or fast, not even for his dimensions. Gives the effort in pursuit, but isn't going to chase many plays down from the backside. Didn't exactly face top O-linemen.