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Necessities to be a Gene Smith Draft Pick: Leadership

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We're on the final stretch to draft day and we're continuing our hunt here at BCC to try and get a clue as to who Gene Smith might be drafting as new members of the Jacksonville Jaguars. So with what little knowledge we do have about Gene's drafts, we'll take a look at tendencies that he has had when drafting players and how that applies to the 2010 draft class. Starting first with Gene's hunt for players with leadership and the ability to rally players around them.

Looking at Gene's draft class of 2009, it would appear that you better be a very good player to overcome not being a team captain. Among the 9 draft picks only Eugene Monroe wasn't a team captain on his college team. Derek Cox was one of only four players to ever be named team captain in two consecutive years during his head coach's 29 year tenure with William & Mary. To top that, Jarett Dillard was named team captain at Rice in a mind-numbing 3 consecutive years. 

Gene has made it clear that he wants good character on his team and being named a team captain is a direct link to that. For a player to be named team captain they must earn the respect of their teammates and the trust of their coaches. Does Dez Bryant sound like the type of player that earned the trust of his coaches during his time at Oklahoma State? I'm inclined to think he isn't considering that he reportedly showed up late to practices, meetings and even games and also forgot to bring his cleats to his Pro Day.

So without digging too deep into the draft, how about we look at the top candidates for the Jaguars in the first round:

Linebacker Rolando McClain was elected team captain for his junior year in 2009 and Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame was voted team captain by his teammates for the 2009 season. 

RB C.J. Spiller was never named team captain during his four years at Clemson. In his 3 years at Florida, Joe Haden wasn't named team captain. As a redshirt sophomore, Earl Thomas wasn't named team captain during his 2 year at Texas.

That's not to say that Spiller, Haden and Thomas are eliminated as possibilities for the Jaguars' first round pick. After all, Eugene Monroe overcame not being a team captain, but I certainly believe that it's a point against them in the eyes of Gene Smith. 

- Adam Stites