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Ranking the Jaguars First Round Picks: #10-#6

After going past the players we would rather forget the Jaguars taking in the first round, now it's time to go to the middle of the road guys. This is the part of the list that will most likely cause the most stir, as there is a fairly wide talent gap from #10 to #6. Either way, it's worth noting that most of these players made at least a solid contribution to the Jaguars.

#10. James Stewart, RB, Tennessee, 1995

The second of the Jaguars two first round picks in 1995, Stewart simply never caught on while he was in Jacksonville. Just one year after being drafted, Natrone Means ran his way past Stewart and into Jaguars lore during the 1996 season. The Jaguars then drafted Fred Taylor in the 1998 draft. After starting 1998 with back to back 100 yard games, Stewart tore his ACL and was done. Stewart would have his best year statistically in 1999 as Taylor's back up.  Stewart does hold the Jaguar record for points in a game (30) and touchdowns (5), which he accomplished in October 1997 vs the Philadelphia Eagles.

#9. Marcedes Lewis, TE, UCLA, 2006

Lewis was drafted out of UCLA primarily for his pass catching abilities. However, for most of his time in Jacksonville, he was known for being a blocking TE. He was also known as having hands of stone and being one of the most unreliable TEs in the NFL. However, that changed this year as he began to display the pass catching abilities many saw in the draft/

#8 Fernando Bryant, CB, Alabama, 1999

Bryant teamed up with Aaron Beasly in the late 90's to be part of the "Killer B's" in the secondary. His story is similar to Reggie Nelson's, though he didn't have as drastic of a dropoff after his rookie season. However, the fact he went entire seasons without an interception isn't a noteworthy accomplishment for a first round pick.

#7 Renaldo Wynn, DT, Notre Dame, 1997

Continuing a trend for Jaguar first round picks, Wynn was named to various All-Rookie teams and looked to have a bright future. When he was on the field he was a solid defensive player for the Jaguars. However, the problem was keeping him on the field. Wynn only played a full 16 games once in his career with the Jaguars.

#6 Kevin Hardy, LB, Illinois, 1996

Hardy was the heart and soul of the Jaguars defense in it's early days. The 2nd overall pick in the 1996 draft, he led the Jaguars in tackling every year and was a Pro Bowler in 1999. However, the fact that the Jaguars passed on Ray Lewis to select Hardy makes this pick have a glass half empty feel.