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Howie Roseman and Andy Reid? Hello, it's Gene Smith.

It's been know for quite a while now that the Jacksonville Jaguars are looking to move out of the 10th overall pick in the draft if one of the players the covet is not there.  Based on some Jaguars sources that I have talked to, one of those players is Jimmy Clausen. There is a chance he falls to the 10th overall pick, however it's still unlikely.  It's especially unlikely given the recent talk of the Cleveland Browns having contact with the St. Louis Rams about the No. 1 overall pick.  This would give the Browns Sam Bradford and the Rams likely would come back at Pick 7 and draft Jimmy Clausen. This leaves Jacksonville at pick 10 with a couple of players they like, but don't think are necessarily worth a 10th overall selection.  Well, now there are reports out that the Philadelphia Eagles are now looking to move up.

First and foremost, let's make it clear:  Reports about the draft that come out this time of year should be taken with a grain of salt. It's what many of us refer to as "lying season".

In the case of the Eagles wanting to move up though, it's very possible it has some legs.  We know the Jaguars are already entertaining the possibility of moving out of the 10th overall selection.  According to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars front office has already began networking.

We've been networking with the league and having constant dialogue," Smith said Thursday at the team's annual pre-draft luncheon.

Said McDonough, who is in charge of conducting the talks: "We're very proactive. A lot of teams don't want to have those discussions back in February and March. We're constantly talking to teams not only about the first round, but every round. You make good contacts and have good relationships, and a lot of time trades are built on relationships. It's not something we dive into the week before the draft. Teams know the Jaguars are very open to moving around in any round."

The current rumor, according to Peter King of is that the Eagles are prepared to move up in the First Round for either safety Eric Berry or Earl Thomas.  It's unlikely the Eagles pay the cost of moving up for Berry, as it's possible he's selected in the Top 5.  King states that one of the potential suitors are the Miami Dolphins, as they just lost their 2nd round pick to the Denver Broncos for wide receiver Brandon Marshall

That deal makes sense, however it's possible that Earl Thomas doesn't even make it to the 12th pick.  Jacksonville recently had a private workout with the Longhorn safety and have a need at that position.  Denver is also a possible landing point for Thomas, as they have older safeties in Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hill.  Thomas could come in right away for the Broncos and start at the safety position, just like Jacksonville.  Most people have Dez Bryant locked in for the Broncos now, but with the extra 2nd round pick, they can get a wide receiver in the 2nd round who doesn't bring the likely headache Dez Bryant may.

So in essence, it's likely the Eagles would have to either move up to Pick 9 with the Buffalo Bills to ensure that they can land Earl Thomas, or strike a deal with someone like Jacksonville who is looking to move out of the spot. As I mentioned before, according to the Florida Times-Union the Jaguars have already had preliminary discussions with some teams, and it's very possible the Eagles are one of those teams.

"You can't anticipate anything at this point," Smith said. "Teams have said they're willing to be trade partners, and we think it's a good thing if we can help each other, but there hasn't been a lot of substance to our conversations.

There's not an opportunity when you're on the clock," Smith said. "A lot of teams call before the draft, and then you close the deal on draft day."

The Eagles currently own the 24th overall pick, 37th overall pick, and the 55th overall pick.  It's likely a combination of two of those would work for the Jaguars and the 10th overall pick.  Philadelphia would likely only want to give up 24 and 55, to keep value in the 2nd round.  For Jacksonville however, it's very likely they would prefer the 37th overall pick.

So how do you sweeten the pot?

You add a young linebacker, a position of need for the Philadelphia Eagles.  You offer the Philadelphia Eagles the 10th overall pick and linebacker Clint Ingram for the 24th overall selection and the 37th overall selection.  It makes sense to me, the Eagles keep a 2nd round pick, get their defensive back at 10, and pick up a young veteran player at a position of need.  Ingram clearly isn't terribly thrilled with his situation in Jacksonville and it's pretty obvious Jacksonville isn't completely enamored with him.

Dropping back to Pick 24 for Jacksonville opens up a bigger pool of talent than the 10th spot. It opens up the door for players like interior lineman Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Iupati. Defensive backs Kyle Wilson, Kareem Jackson, or Devin McCourty.  Even a runningback like Ryan Mathews or Jahvid Best would fit at 24.  You can also include pass rushers like Everson Griffen and Jerry Hughes.  Or even a linebacker like Sean Weatherspoon or Daryl Washington.  It opens up a whole new door of possibilities.