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Potential Trade Partners for the Jaguars: Teams with double-digit draft picks in the 2010 NFL Draft

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made it well known that they have no intention of turning down a reasonable offer for a trade partner in the 2010 NFL Draft. That being said, a team must have the selections to offer the Jaguars if they hope to move up. For the purpose of understanding who our potential trade partners are, what follows is a list of the teams with double-digit draft picks in the upcoming Thursday extravaganza. These teams have the unique ability to target a player, and move up to grab him should he be available with the tenth pick in the draft.They also have great versatility to move up in any round, due to the number of later round picks many of the teams possess.

1. New England Patriots: 12 picks

The Pats and coach Bill Belichick have four of the the first 53 picks, and 12 selections overall. With this kind of firepower, the Patriots could target specific players and move up to grab them. Although this would be uncharacteristic of Beel Beelichick, the team doesn't have many needs and Josh McDanials has spoken of how New England uses a "short board" with as few as 100 players to choose from . The Patriots have a need at rush LB, with Adalius Thomas likely to be elsewhere before the season begins. They need a 3-4 DE, a TE, and an OLB badly, and they have 12 picks to fill those desperate needs. The team could also look for a RB, as Fred Taylor didn't finish the season, and if CJ Spiller is high on their board, he could fill the need the team has for the future at the position.

2. Cleveland Browns: 10 picks

The Browns have a whopping four 5th-round picks, and three 3rd-round selections. The Browns could be a potential trade partner should Jacksonville receive other trade offers and acquire a 2nd rounder. I wouldn't put it past Gene to then trade a 2nd round pick for a pair of 3's and a 5. The Browns won't be a trade partner for Jacksonville in the first, as they pick at 7th overall.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: 10 picks

The former SB winners have some desperate needs at ILB with Farrior turning 35. They also need help at G, OT, CB, and 3-4 DE. The team could look to move up and draft a player they target should they slip, either an OT or perhaps McClain, Hayden, or Earl Thomas could prompt the team to move up and get their guy. They have 10 selections overall, and four 5th round picks.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: 11 picks

The Eagles enter the draft with desperate need at Safety, something that has been addressed on this site previously. They may be targeting Berry or Thomas, as both have shown incredible ability and there is a significant drop-off at the position after those two players are off the board. They have two 2nd rounders, two 3rd rounders, and two 4th rounders. There is significant versatility and one can only hope the Eagles are a draft day partner somewhere.

5.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 11 picks

The Bucs were flat-out lousy last season, and they have 10 draft picks, including a pair of early second round selections (#35, #42) to try to rectify the issue. the team will be stuck at the #3 overall spot, but I could see the Bucs packaging both their two's, and possibly a 3rd and 5th round pick to get back into the first and grab a guy like Dez Bryant. Character is of no concern to the Bucs, with the acquisition of players like A. Talib and K. Winslow. Bryant would fit right in here, and I know Wayne Weaver would appreciate not having to pay a first round pick at all.

6. St. Louis Rams: 10 picks

The Rams have a double-digit number of picks, but aren't a viable trading partner due to where those picks are located. They have one extra 5th, and three extra 7th rounders. They do own the 33rd overall pick, which is basically a first rounder (the first pick of the 2nd). Perhaps they could offer up a King's ransom of lower tier picks in order to grab another 2 or 3 from Jacksonville. We'll have a lot more flexibility once (if) we are able trade back that first time and acquire someone's 2nd rounder.

7. Miami Dolphins: 10 picks

The Dolphins have 10 overall selections, but all of their excess picks are in the 6th and 7th rounds, making them unlikely candidates to swap with early on.

Teams with 9 picks in the 2010 NFL Draft






-Collin Streetman