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Peter King Reports on Jacksonville: "Four things he's heard about the Jaguars."'s Peter King, writer of Monday Morning Quarterback, used the Jacksonville Jaguars as an example of draft subterfuge.  He lets his readers know four things he's heard about the Jaguars from his various NFL solutions.

• "They're definitely trading down, even if they can't get value for the pick.''

• "They're taking C.J. Spiller. Write it down. Jack Del Rio loves him. They think he's the next Chris Johnson.''

• "Jason Pierre-Paul's their guy.''

• "I've heard they love Derrick Morgan. I think that's their guy.''

What do we take from this?  We're in the zone of "nobody has any real clue outside of Gene Smith".  Everything you hear from this point till the Jaguars call in their pick is probably nonsense.