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An Introduction

[SB Nation]: Greetings Big Cat Country. As you may have noticed recently, River City Rage, your fearless leader, has been seen less and less around these parts. That's because he has a regular job that is very demanding time-wise, and is also a passion. So, he came to SBN recently and notified us that he could not keep running BCC. While he loved it, he thought he couldn't do it justice because of his time requirements and asked us to find a new lead editor for the site. He recommended a guy who has been covering the Jaguars for quite a while for the new lead, and we agreed after reading his past work and talking to him about BCC.

So please welcome the new lead editor of Big Cat Country, Alfie Crow. [End SB Nation note]

I've been reading Big Cat Country for a long, long time. I've always enjoyed the work done here and the participation by the community. RiverCityRage, Jonathan, and SoCalStites have always done a great job, not to mention the great job by the fans with their FanShots and FanPosts. It's a very active community, a connected community, and a very knowledgeable community.  I am also looking forward to working with Jonathan and SoCalStites, my new co-bloggers. They do excellent work and I am happy to be able to work with them in furthering the growth of Big Cat Country.

[Editorial Note: Collin Streetman (who's been an editor for the site almost three years), Terry O' Brien (who is sorely missed and brought a unique style all his own), and Brian Fulford (our new official BCC "sage") have all contributed to the growth of this website. Not to acknowledge their contributions and dedication to making this site the number two Jaguars' site on the internet would be neglectful. BCC and its editorial staff have shown that their is no need to pay for sports content when the quality of writing parallels that of other websites who have fees involved. BCC is the definition of a sports community, free to the public, and done out of passion, not for money by the editors.]

Since I will be taking over Big Cat Country as the main editor, I figured I should give everyone a little introduction. I am sure quite a few of you know who I am, what I am about, and have read or heard my work before. First and foremost I am Alfie Crow and I reside in Jacksonville. I've been covering the Jacksonville Jaguars since 2004. Originally it was a hobby to blog and talk about the Jaguars, as it was my passion, and eventually with the help of some others and many of the Jaguars community we formed a fansite called in May of 2006. This is where I really had my first start blogging and covering an NFL team. It started out innocent but grew tremendously.  It was eventually added to the network in 2007, which is a part of Fox Sports.  We helped organize "Teal Night" and "Back in Black" night as well as hosting a tent at Jaguars training camps.

It also grew to the point that Charlie Bernstein of and I now host a daily radio show on ESPN 1420 in St. Augustine, Florida. We're on Monday through Friday during the drive home from 5-7p.m. est.  While the show isn't 100% Jaguars focused, we like to think of it as an extension of Big Cat Country. Through the radio we've been able to obtain media credentials which gives us great access to the Jaguars. I plan to use this aspect to further the growth of Big Cat Country.

We worked with River City Rage and Big Cat Country few years ago, often doing podcasts together. I remember Chris helping us with our live chats and weekly podcasts. In particular I remember a time where Charlie Bernstein of and myself were broadcasting live from training camp and we had Chris running the show for us, taking callers, etc. Well, the show went dead because the Jaguars media director, Dan Edwards, "caught" us broadcasting from the stands and he shut us down in the afternoon session after listening the entire morning session, and he at least complimented us on doing a good job.  It was a big moment for all of us, because it meant we were noticed. Since then, both Big Cat Country and Jagnation have grown quite a bit. So, when I was approached by Chris to gauge my interest in taking over for him here, I was excited.  I want to continue to build Big Cat Country and grow the community.  With my access I plan to add things such as audio from players and coaches post-game, press conference notes, and inside coverage from training camp.

As I mentioned before, I want to continue to grow the BCC community. I want to build it bigger and better with more content and more fan interaction.  Not to say the fan interaction now isn't good enough or poor, but I want it bigger and better. I want more FanPosts and FanShots recc'ed. The more we get and the more often their recc'ed the more exposure we'll get. The bigger we'll grow. I want tweets, facebook shares, etc. I want everyone to know that even though by most standards we're a small site and community, that we're a big site and community. If you like a post, FanShot, or FanPost.. recommend it!

I hope the BCC community is as excited as I am coming on and I look forward to contributing here and continuing the growth. I consider myself very accessible, too. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns for me please do not hesitate to contact me. You can shoot me an e-mail at or hit me on on twitter @alfiecrow. Don't forget to become of a fan of Big Cat Country on facebook and follow on twitter @bigcatcountry.