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Wind Sprints: NFL 2010 Draft Edition

Roger Goodell holding his invisible crystal ball from which he can predict all the draft picks before they're made.
Roger Goodell holding his invisible crystal ball from which he can predict all the draft picks before they're made.

Last year I put a few of these together and for the most part they met with favorable feedback. My goal is to generate conversation on topics, mostly Jaguar, which will add to our sense of community and hopefully expand our overall knowledge of the game...maybe the world in general. I will try to be insightful and funny without being offensive and too controversial.

With the introduction out of the way, let's get on with the musings after the jump.


  • I modified the original title from Addition to Edition because, in retrospect, my play on language wasn't as witty as I initially thought it would be. Need to work on that.
  • The months following the draft is like being stuck in the movie Groundhog Day. Every time a new mock comes out its like I'm hearing "I Got You Babe" over and over again.
  • Drafting Dez Bryant at number 10 makes about as much sense as drafting Tim Tebow. 
  • I know many love to speculate on the draft but I prefer to approach it like an extended Christmas. Gene Smith is Santa Claus delivering draft selections as gifts.
  • You can't defend a draft selection by using the "other experts agree with me" argument. Not only is it a fallacy of authority but unless your mock mirrors that "expert", the first selection that differs from their's begs the question how authoritative they actually are.
  • Considering the impact Holt had on our young receivers last year, don't you wonder if Reggie Williams or Matt Jones would have benefited from time spent with Jimmy Smith on the team?
  • Peyton Manning's "happy feet" were supposed to be a tell that he wasn't comfortable in the pocket. Drew Brees was too short to see over the line. Jimmy Clausen's small hands are being touted as an indication he'll have trouble holding onto the ball. I wonder if there has ever been a concern over a lisp or accent causing problems understanding the QB.
  • I've been digesting all the C.J. Spiller opinions and this is where I presently sit on the issue. If his presence can bring just one touchdown more per game, based on last year's results, it could change a 7-9 team into a 10-6 team. I'll take that.
  • I think Spiller talk is a smoke screen but the kid's character equates to a Gene guy. How is that for not really making a decision either way?
  • How many times have you heard the argument that "If the Jaguars hadn't taken Byron Leftwich they could have taken Ben Roethlisberger"? I was always more frustrated the Jaguars took Matt Jones instead of Aaron Rodgers. A team doesn't take QBs in back to back drafts in round one.
  • Isn't it annoying when someone employs the "What if?" hindsight argument on draft picks? I'm pretty bent with myself right now.
  • Something a bit different from backward. Some of you will just love who the Jaguars take.
  • Of all the mocks I've seen, Carlos Dunlap at 10 is the worst selection. Check out who was still available here.
  • Not football related, but I sure am enjoying 24. I hadn't watched it since Season 1
  • Since 2002 I've kept track of who I would've taken: (2003) Marcus Trufant, (2004) Dunta Robinson, (2005) Aaron Rodgers, (2006) Marcedes Lewis, (2007) Reggie Nelson, (2008) Keith Rivers, (2009) Eugene Monroe. But in all honesty, I was leaning heavy towards B.J. Raji.
  • I think letting Mark Brunell go was the key mistake to the state of the Jaguars today. I felt that way when it happened and believe the course of past drafts validates it.
  • Looking ahead to the season, going to Dallas and winning is a necessity. First, the Cowboys are incredibly high profile and you're talking about great exposure. Lastly, I'll be there.
  • Is it a sign that the Patriots are definitely on the down side of a dynasty that they continue to sign the Jaguars aging players? Torry Holt is going to New England.
  • If Earl Thomas and Jimmy Clausen are available at 10, and someone wants to trade up, do you take the trade?
  • My week 17 wish: Titans come to town.