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Jaguars' Fans Need to Stop the Insanity: Tim Tebow should be a third round pick

I was sitting and listening to 1010XL on my computer tonight, and I heard the host trumpeting Tim Tebow as a top 10 selection. He then one-upped himself and said the Jags HAD to draft Tim at 10 because he wouldn't make it out of the top 15. I threw up in my mouth a little bit, and then I began to wonder, "What is driving this insanity?" It certainly is not due to his combine or pro-day workouts.

Nobody ever brings up Tim Tebow and talks only about his football ability. For some reason he is the first college player ever to be sought after SPECIFICALLY because of his character. People always say, "He's a winner". Or, "I see it in his eyes". My personal favorite though, and I mean no disrespect, is the frequently thrown around phrase, "God is on his side".

Listen people... Drafting Tim-Tim IS NOT the same as drafting God... The kid is not going to simply succeed because he's a white evangelical Christian. I promise you, the concept that God is going to allow Tim-Tim to win games because he's a good Christian person is ludicrous. WAKE-UP JACKSONVILLE!!

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Chris Leak won a national title and people basically forgot about him altogether. Nobody complianed when everyone who had an ounce of football knowledge said, "Oh, Chris Leak's game won't translate to the NFL." However, if you try to tell anyone that about T. Tebow, then they immediately jump to ticket sales, his personality, his love of the game, etc. Those are all great aspects of who Tim is and what he could potentially bring to the table. Unfortunately, they have NOTHING to do with throwing a football, and unless I am mistaken, that's what QB's do.

Please don't take this as an anti-Tebow rant... I LOVE the kid. I adore the kid. I think he's has the potential to be a good QB after a few years learning the NFL, but what player do you take in the first or second round that isn't going to at least push for a chance to start. Tebow might struggle just to make the team.

He's worth a third-round selection based on what he can do for the franchise, however, taking him before that might hurt the team more than help it. I have my doubts about Tim-Tim ever being an "elite" QB, and you just don't throw second-round picks at guys that cannot come in and help contribute immediately. Tim is not going to help this team next year; the kid has to develop still. You can't just rework your throwing motion in two months and expect that to override an entire collegiate career of poor technique. Don't you think his coaches have told him before he can't hold the damn ball that low? C'mon now... Why does an NFL coach have to tell him and suddenly he's cured of poor mechanics. Sorry, but I am not sold.

-Collin Streetman