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Alfie's Jacksonville Jaguars 7 Round Mock (With Trades)

Before I do my 7 round mock draft without trades, I wanted to do the fun one first.  In this mock draft, I have the Jacksonville Jaguars trading down in the first round with the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles move up in the first round to draft Texas Safety Earl Thomas.  They also get Jaguars linebacker Clint Ingram in the deal.  Despite recently trading for Ernie Sims yesterday, the Eagles still need depth and youth at the linebacker position.

Jacksonville gets: 24th overall, 55th overall (2nd), and 137th overall (5th)

Philadelphia gets: 10th overall, LB Clint Ingram

Round 1, Pick 24 - Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech -

This is going to be a "What?!" selection for a lot of people, but hear me out.  Thomas is arguably the most talented wide receiver in this draft, but he's also incredibly raw.  He ran mostly go routes in Georgia Tech's triple option, but he's got some great attributes that can help the Jaguars early in his development.  First of all he's got amazing size at 6-3 and 224 pounds.  He's got speed, despite the fact he has not been able to run a legit 40 yard dash time do to his injured foot.  Reports are however, that he ran in the 4.34 range while working out in Arizona. He's also a fantastic down field threat, adjusts to the ball ridiculously well in the air, and already is a great blocker from the wide receiver position.

Round 2, Pick 55 - Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech -

Burnett is one of the new breed of safety who can play either safety position. I feel he can compete immediately for a starting position opposite Gerald Alexander.  Burnett has great range and ball skills.  He can support the run from either safety position and is very good in coverage.  He played the 'rover' position in college, so will fit at either SS or FS.

Round 3, Pick 74 - J.D. Walton, OC, Baylor -

Walton is a player the Jaguars have shown continuous interest in. Walton is a versatile center who can double as a guard if need be.  He is a great run blocker and an adequate pass blocker.  He's a tough center who can also move, so pulling and trapping from the center and/or guard position should not be an issue.  Walton wouldn't need to start immediately, but he could compete for one of the interior line positions.

Round 4, Pick 108 - Dekota Watson, LB, Florida State -

Watson is a very raw athlete who at times looked like the best player on a bad Florida State defense.  Watson is a great athlete who lacks some fundamentals, but fundamentals can be corrected and molded.  Some question Watson's size, but in a 4-3 defense the defensive line should be able to keep him clear of trash.  He struggles in pass coverage, but that should develop over time.  He has one thing that the Jaguars need desperately, the ability to hit the quarterback.

Round 5, Pick 137 - Mike Kafka, QB, Northwestern -

Mike Kafka is a player the Jaguars have shown interest in, and a lot of people feel he's a big-time sleeper at the quarterback position in this draft class.  Kafka doesn't have a great NFL arm, but it's good enough to make all of the NFL throws.  He showed off in the East/West Shrine game driving his team down the field for what was the game winning score.  He also showed grit bringing his Northwestern Team back in the Bowl game against Auburn, albeit in a losing effort in overtime.  Kafka has the tools to potentially develop into an NFL starter.

Round 5, Pick 143 - Austen Lane, DE, Murray State

Lane is a nice developmental defensive end to take late in the draft. He was good size and initial burst off the offensive line. He's fairly raw, but the Jaguars should be very familiar with him considering that the former Murray State Racers head coach is now a part of the Jaguars coaching staff.

Round 6, Pick 180 - Jeff Byers, OG, Southern Cal

Byers is an experienced interior lineman who can add young depth to a Jaguars offensive line. He was a 3-year starter at Southern Cal and has the versatility to also play the center position.

Round 6, Pick 203 -Travis Goethel, LB, Arizona State

Linebacker is obviously becoming a position of need for the Jacksonville Jaguars, so adding a player like Goethel should boost the depth and potential special teams.