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2010 Big Cat Country Draft Game

Here's your chance to prove your draft guru status among your BCC peers. The rules for the BCC Draft Game are simple:

1. Just answer the questions after the jump in the comments. (Only 1 entry per person)

2. For each one you get right, you'll get the corresponding points.

3. The person with the most points will win a prize.

4. The BCC editors get an entry in the contest too.

The deadline to be entered into the contest is 4/22/10 at 7:29 PM ET.  

Jaguars Draft Picks (16 points for a correct answer, 12 points if the round is incorrect but the player is correct)

1st Round - 

3rd Round -

4th Round - 

5th Round - 

6th Round - 

6th Round - 

(Note - If the Jaguars trade and acquire a second round or seventh round pick, 16 points will be impossible for those rounds. If they draft a player that you had slated in a different round you will receive 12 points.)

Draft Questions:

1) How many minutes will the first round take to finish?

- 10 points for exact answer

- 6 points for guessing within 5 minutes

- 3 points for guessing within 15 minutes

- 1 point for guessing within 30 minutes

2) How many draft day trades will the Jaguars make? (1 point)

3) Who will the Jaguars sign in undrafted free agency? (Choose any 5 players; 6 points for each correct answer)

* If one of the players you listed as undrafted gets drafted by the Jaguars or vice versa you'll receive 4 points. 

4) How many of the Jaguar draft picks will be "small school" (Non-FBS players) prospects? (1 point)

5) How many of the Jaguar draft picks will be on the defensive side of the ball? (1 point)

Now for those of you asking what the prize is, the person with the most points will win an official 2010 Jaguars Draft Cap from on me. Best of luck to everyone.