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Tis the Season for Jaguars' Smokescreens

It's the time of the year, with the 1st Round of the NFL draft tomorrow, when teams lie, lie, and they lie.  Lot's of rumors get floated out who teams like and who they don't like, it's tough to sift through all of the information and find out what's real.  One interesting thing is however, the close you get to the draft the more you hear about how much your team likes a certain player. Well... if they like him so much, why make it public? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

Let's look at some potential picks for the Jaguars are pick 10 and who could actually be the pick.

Two of the guys whom have been linked a ton with the Jacksonville Jaguars have been Clemson running back C.J. Spiller and Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain.  The information about McClain really began at the NFL combine when it was reported the Jaguars really loved him.  It's come out lately though, that the Jaguars are enamored with C.J. Spiller and some believe he could be a luxury pick for the Jaguars at pick 10.  They have also been linked to possibly taking another offensive tackle if one slips to them.

Well, if you love them that much and those picks will be realistic, do you blab it to the media?

Think about it.

Teams are super secretiveabout the NFL draft and try to hide as much as possible. They also plan to put out false information to put teams off.  Fact of the matter is, quite a few teams schedule visits with players the have absolutely no plans whatsoever to draft, just to throw some teams off and potentially spark a trade.  Conversely they'll also not schedule certain players so it seems like their not interested.

Here are three players that the Jaguars have shown interest in, but not a ton, that I think could be possible picks for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  All three have been linked to the Jaguars at some point in a visit or mock draft, but nearly are getting the play publicly from the team like Spiller and McClain has.

Earl Thomas, Safety, Texas:

Thomas has been linked to the Jaguars quite a bit in a lot of mock drafts.  The Jaguars do have an obvious hole in the secondary, so that connection makes sense.  Many scouts also believe that Thomas could double as a cornerback given his coverage ability.  It's possible he could come in as a rookie as a nickel corner safety tweener until he fights his way into the starting line up. It's also extremely possible given the play of Reggie Nelson he could start immediately, too.  I think Thomas also perfectly blends need and value at the 10th overall pick.

Jimmy Clausen, Quarterback, Notre Dame:

If he's available at 10, personally I think he will be the pick.  It's just hard to pass on a possible franchise quarterback when you don't have one.  I know next year's draft is "loaded" as far as quarterback is concerned, but there is no guarantee. Most people thought last year that this class was loaded as well.  The Jaguars have been linked to Jimmy Clausen, but surprisingly a lot of people are dismissing the Jaguars from him. To me, that's a red flag.  They've shown just the right amount of interest and non-interest, if that makes any kind of sense.  The real question is will Jimmy Clausen actually make it to pick 10?

Jason Pierre-Paul, Defensive End, South Florida:

Most people dismiss Pierre-Paul from the Jaguars because he's considered a risk and a homerun swing.  Not to mention the fact that the Jaguars signed both Aaron Kampman and Reggie Hayward in the offseason.  Bear in mind however, if the Jaguars were to select a defensive end at pick 10, they don't have to come in and produce immediately. Signing Kampman and Hayward always you do develop Pierre-Paul who is explosive and athletic, but very raw.  It would be a bit of a swing for the fence, but a calculated swing for the fence... like Albert Pujols at the plate in 2009 with bases loaded.  Pierre-Paul is a raw pass rusher, but he displays the motor and play recognition on film most raw pass rushers (i.e. Vernon Gholston) don't display on film.

To me, those are three selections I feel are the most realistic for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Then again, if Jimmy Clausen or Eric Berry do not make their way to the 10th overall pick, I think the Jaguars wind up trading down in the NFL draft even if they have to take less value.