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In Gene I Trust: Measured thoughts on the Tyson Alualu Selection

"I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. I’m about winning a Super Bowl," Smith said. "That’s not my goal to be bold. My goal is to improve the roster."

Just like with Derek Cox, I'm not going to sit here and bang my chest and criticize a pick that clearly indicates that the Jaguars front office knows way more about the players in this draft than I ever will.  Seriously, after what they did with Cox, can we really sit back and complain that we didn't get a player that we've heard of?  Has Gene's eye for talent evaluation while making the big decisions led us astray? 

Really, the biggest problem with this pick is that it's one that fans can't bang their chests about.  We don't know who this guy is, we've not seen the film, and the Jaguars scouts, despite the 2000-2008 drafts, have shown us that they can make a good call.  So the Jaguars are not declared the winners of the first round of the draft by a guy who's never stepped onto the Practice Field, big deal?  So 1010XL and the Times Union are going to rip the team apart.  So the Message Boards are going to eat each other alive over how Gene let them down.  None of this matters until Derrick Harvey, Terrance Knighton, Tyson Alualu and Aaron Kampman line up and eat offensive linemen alive. 

I think everyone needs a stiff drink, a good night's sleep, and to think happy thoughts of quarterback sacks.  He must go down, he must go down hard.  Gene took a "big ugly" that he sees as someone who can contribute on day one.  He sees a guy who can get pressure on the quarterback and cause disruption.  He got it without having a 2nd round pick. 

Can we really complain?