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2010 NFL Draft: Day 3, Jacksonville Jaguars fleece the Oakland Raiders

The Jacksonville Jaguars made another trade with the Oakland Raiders today. The Jaguars dealt their 4th round pick to the Oakland Raiders for middle linebacker Kirk Morrison and the Raiders 5th round pick, Pick 153.

Yes, I know it's not April Fools

It was reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars attempted to trade up for Penn State linebacker Sean Lee to fill their middle linebacker void, but to no avail the Dallas Cowboys beat them to the punch.

The Jaguars wound up setting their starting middle linebacker though, as I predicted (aka hoped about on Twitter...), trading for veteran Kirk Morrison. Morrison will come in immediately and start on a Jacksonville defense that Is obviously going through a face lift. The Jaguars have significantly upgraded their defensive "triangle" as I like to call it (DT/DT/MLB) in this trade with the picks of Alualu, Smith, and Morrison.

In total with the trades with Oakland, Jacksonville sent a 4th round pick and defensive end Quentin Groves for two 5th round picks and linebacker Kirk Morrison.

Thanks, Al.