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2010 NFL Draft: My Team Draft Grades

The dust has settled on the 2010 draft and after months after months of hard work, every scout and general manager has their professional work annually put down by hundreds of people. Most of these people have watched minimal film and have little knowledge of the majority of the players outside of the "consensus" top 50 players. 

Yet that wont stop people from preaching that teams did or didn't fill their needs. It wont stop people from preaching that teams obviously reached for a player because the majority of mock drafts (most of which are done by amateurs, myself included) had said player much lower. It wont stop people from praising the teams that obviously made a great pick for drafting a player that was drafted a round lower than the mock drafts had that player placed.

With that said, here are my team grades for the 2010 NFL Draft:

Ask me in three years.