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Should the Jaguars go after Alan Faneca?


Alright, time to officially stop beating the dead horse of the NFL draft and start to look at other possibilities for the Jaguars. The biggest non-draft related news to occur this weekend was the Jets releasing All-Pro Guard Alan Faneca. Faneca has previously signed the largest free agent deal with the Jets in 2007, but was released for not agreeing to take a pay cut.

Normally, I would say Faneca would be better left to the Washington's of the NFL. Faneca is an 11 year veteran who is much closer to the end of his career than a team would like, especially considering the money he might want. However, money is where things gets interesting. Since Faneca was released by the Jets, NY is still on the hook for over $5 million to him, regardless of if he signs with another team or not.

A team could, in essence, sign Faneca for well below market value and have the Jets pay the majority of his salary for the season. If you structure the contract the right way, then you can see if he would be worth bringing on his salary full time or release him if he's skills have deteriorated too far.

If Faneca was signed, he could upgrade the line in several different ways. The most obvious is by taking over the right guard spot and have Uche Nwaneri play center. It would effectively kill two birds with one stone by strengthening both the guard spot and the center position.

Another scenario would be to have Faneca play left guard and help out Eugene Monroe. Then switch Vince Manuwai and allow his run blocking skills to help Eben Britton. Then with switching Uche to center, this might provide the best overall strength for the offensive line.

Of course, this could all be for not if a team like Washington does go ahead and offer him another mammoth deal on top of what the Jets have to pay, but we'll ignore that possibility for right now.

The Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals,and several other teams have expressed interest in Faneca already. If it descends into a bidding war, then it would probably be to the Jaguars best interest to stay out of it. However, if owners can control themselves and not get too wild, someone will get an excellent lineman at a discount in 2010.