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Ranking the Jaguars 1st round Picks: #5-#1

Freddy T
Freddy T

Sorry that this post was side tracked. I meant to have it done before the draft weekend, but such is life. Either way, we can now finish the countdown of the Jaguars greatest first round picks. These were the top of the class. These are the kind of players you want all of your first round selections to be. A franchise RB, a franchise LT, a pair of monstrous defensive tackles, and a hard hitting safety. Throw in a franchise QB and you have all the ingredients for a successful foundation.

5. Donovin Darius, S, Syracuase, 1998

The 1998 draft was especially kind to the Jaguars. Darius was the 2nd of two first round picks and was a stall worth on defense for eight seasons. Darius actually started his career at free safety, but switched to strong safety in his 2nd season. There, he would make a name as one of the most physical and hard hitting safeties in the NFL. Sadly injuries would lead to his eventual release following the 2006 season.

4. John Henderson, DT, Tennessee, 2002

This mention is bittersweet considering Henderson's recent release. Henderson made up one half of the fearsome defensive middle for the Jaguars through the middle part of the decade. While Henderson spent more time as a Jaguar than Marcus Stroud, his lack of production for the latter half of his career causes him to be to be placed one spot lower.

3. Marcus Stroud, DT, Georgia, 2001

In one of the early moments of Jacksonville getting Gator fever, UF tackle Kenyatta Walker was sitting at #13 seemingly for the Jaguars to take. Tom Coughlin instead took a defensive tackle out of Georgia, while the Buccaneers took Walker a few picks later. The city erupted and put Coughlin further on the hot seat. Stroud would go on to be a 3 time Pro Bowler, while Walker would have multiple run ins with the law and be out of the NFL within a few seasons.

2. Tony Boselli, OT, USC, 1995

The franchise's first draft pick was probably their most important. Boselli was on his way to a Hall of Fame career until injuries took their toll. Then he helped save the franchise by being taken first in the Texan's expansion draft, saving the Jaguars from dealing with his massive contract and helping the team lessen it's time in salary cap hell. Now, he's leading the fight to help keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

1. Fred Taylor, RB, UF, 1998

Simply put, is there anyone else who belongs here? Taylor went on to have one of the most productive careers in NFL history while in a Jaguar uniform. Despite numerous injuries early in his career that earned him the nickname "Fragile Fred", he still managed to rush for over 10,000 yards. After Mark Brunell's release, Fred's was the most difficult to take as a fan. Whenever he decides to hang it up, he'll be the next inductee to the Pride of the Jaguars.