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Consolidated List of Jacksonville Jaguars Interests

I have compiled a list of players in the draft that the Jacksonville Jaguars have been linked to. I plan on posting this list, updated, each week and then the day of the draft on April 22nd. We will continue to notify our readers via twitter and FanShots on who the Jaguars schedule for visits and show interest in, but I figured everyone would like to have it all in one spot as well for quick reference. Follow the jump for the list of players. If I am missing a player, please leave it in the comments and it will be added on the next update on Monday.


Jimmy Clausen, QB, ND (1st round)
Dan Lefevour, QB, CMU (3rd-4th round)
Tony Pike, QB, Cincy (3rd-4th round)
John Skelton, QB, Fordham (3rd-4th round)
Mike Kafka, QB, NW (Mid-late round)
Johnathan Crompton, QB, UT (Mid-late round)
Rusty Smith, QB, FAU (Undrafted)
Trevor Harris, QB, Edinboro (Undrafted)
Andy Schmitt, QB, EMU (Undrafted)

Dexter McCluster, WR/RB, Ole Miss (2nd-3rd round)
LeGarrette Blount, RB, Oregon (3rd-5th round)
Deji Karim, RB, Southern Illinois (Mid-late rounds)
Brandon James, KR, UF (Late rounds)
Curtis Steele, RB, Memphis (Undrafted)

Demaryius Thomas, WR, GTech (1st-2nd round)
Riley Cooper, WR, UF (3rd-4th round)
Shay Hodge, WR, Ole Miss (Mid rounds)
Taylor Price, WR, Ohio (Mid rounds)
Mike Williams, WR, Cuse (Mid-late rounds)
Eric Decker, WR, Minn (Mid-late rounds)
Seyi Ajirotut, WR, Fresno State (Mid-late rounds)
Armanti Edwards, KR, App State (Late rounds)
Freddie Barnes, WR, Bowling Green (Late rounds)
Donald Jones, WR, Youngstown State (Undrafted)
Tim Toone, WR, Weber State (Undrafted)
Michael Moore, WR, UGA (Undrafted)
LeRoy Vann, WR/CB/KR, FAMU (Undrafted)
Rocky Ross, WR, UCF (Undrafted)

Maurkice Pouncey, C, UF (1st round)
Mike Iupati, OF, Idaho (1st-2nd round)
JD Walton, C, Baylor (3rd-4th round)
Roger Saffold, OG, Indiana (2nd-4th round)
Vlad Ducasse, OG, UMass (2nd-4th round)
Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa (2nd-4th round)
Mike Tepper, OT, Cal (Mid-late rounds)
Kevin Haslam, OG, Rutgers (Late rounds)

Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa (Mid rounds)
Scott Sicko, TE, New Hampshire (mid-late rounds)


Derrick Morgan, DE, GTech (1st round)
Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, USF (1st round)
Brandon Graham, DE, Mich (1st round)
Alex Carrington, DE/DT, ASU (2nd-3rd round)
Austen Lane, DE, Murray State (Mid rounds)
Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss (Mid rounds)
Kevin Basped, DE, Nevada (Mid rounds)
Arthur Moats, DE, James Madison (Late rounds)
Junior Galette, DE, Stillman (Undrafted)
Kyle Bosworth, DE/LB, UCLA (Undrafted)
Walter Dublin, DE/LB, CFL/AFL/Ohio State (Undrafted)

Dan Williams, DT, UT (1st round)
Brian Price, DT, UCLA 1st-2nd round)
Torrell Troup, DT, UCF (3rd-4th round)
Jeff Owens, DT, UGA (Mid rounds)
Mike Neal, DT, Purdue (Mid rounds)
Nate Collins, DT, UVA (Late rounds)
Andre Neblett, DT, Temple (Undrafted)
Sean Lissemore, DT, W&M (Undrafted)

Rolando McClain, LB, Bama (1st round)
Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Mizzou (1st round)
Sean Lee, LB, PSU (2nd-3rd round)
Dakota Watson, LB, FSU (2nd-3rd round)
Eric Norwood, LB, SCAR (Mid rounds)
AJ Edds, LB, Iowa (Mid rounds)
Phillip Dillard, LB, Nebraska (Mid rounds)
Travis Goethel, LB, ASU (Undrafted)
Vincent Rey, LB, Duke (Undrafted)


Eric Berry, FS, Tennessee (1st round)
Earl Thomas, FS, Texas (1st round)
Morgan Burnett, S, GTech (2nd-3rd round)
Myron Rolle, SS, FSU (Mid rounds)
Bryan Evans, S, UGA (Undrafted)



Joe Haden, CB, UF (1st round)
Kyle Wilson, CB, BSU (1st round)
Kareem Jackson, CB, Bama (2nd round)
Patrick Robinson, CB, FSU (2nd-3rd round)
Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake (2nd-3rd round)
Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA (Mid rounds)
Rob McClain, CB, UConn (Undrafted)
John Destin, CB, Tulsa (Undrafted)
Josh Morris, CB, Weber State (Undrafted)