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Jacksonville Jaguars interested in Haynesworth, or are they?

On Tuesday there was a report by Jason Reid of the Washington Post listing some potential suitors for defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth should the Washington Redskins actually trade him.  Haynesworth is apparently unhappy with his current situation in Washington, despite getting a gazillion dollar contract.  One of the potential destinations for Albert Haynesworth mentioned was the Jacksonville Jaguars... but are they really all that interested?

Jason Reid, Washington Post:

The Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans -- Haynesworth's former team -- are considered his most likely destinations if he is traded, according to two people with knowledge of the Redskins' efforts to end their relationship with Haynesworth.

I'm not going to lie, I think the Jaguars interest in Haynesworth is bogus.  First of all, before even getting into the kind of player he is and what it would take to get him, his contract alone makes him basically untradeable. He signed a $100 million dollar contract with $41 million dollars guaranteed last offseason with the Redskins. On April 1st, he was paid a $21 million dollar bonus, and no it wasn't an April Fools joke.  It is possible, however extremely unlikely, that Haynesworth could pay back a portion of that money to ease the situation and make his trade possible, but why would he give back money? He's going to get paid, regardless if he likes the team he's on or not.

There are some reports that think all it would take is a 4th round pick for Albert Haynesworth, but even at that price I feel it's too much.  While Haynesworth is only 28 years old (29 by season start) and a great player, before even questioning his commitment to the game of football you have to look at his injury history. Haynesworth has played 16 games just once in his entire career, his rookie year. Since 2005 Haynesworth has missed 15 games and the most he's played in that span is just 14.  The injuries Haynesworth suffered weren't nagging injuries either, they are chronic leg problems which can become a huge issue for a player of his stature.

After the injury concerns with Haynesworth, there is the question of commitment.  Prior to 2007, his contract year, Haynesworth had been considered somewhat of a disappointment.  He had been outplayed up to that point by his former college teammate and current Jacksonville Jaguar John Henderson.  In 2007 however, while obviously playing for his contract, Haynesworth had a fantastic season that earned him the franchise tag from the Tennessee Titans.  In 2008 Haynesworth once again put together a great season, once again littered with injuries, but he earned a big payday in free agency.  Last year for the Redskins, Haynesworth was what many considered a disappointment.  He played in only 12 games, his sack total dropped from it's 2007 and 2008 numbers, and some questioned his effort on the field.

Many speculated that once Haynesworth got his big pay day, he'd turn into a fat and happy (no pun intended) type of football player.  What I mean by that is; that once Haynesworth cashed in, he would pack it in.  Sometimes there are players that when they get that big payday, there is an edge taken off because they're not trying for the contract anymore. This is what made teams so weary about giving Haynesworth a big-time contract.

As far as the Jaguars and Haynesworth are concerned, I have serious doubts the interest is real.  First of all, for a team with limited draft picks in a draft that's said to be deep with defensive line talent, it doesn't make much sense to make a move like that.  Second, do the Jaguars want to take on that kind of contract?  Most importantly, the Jaguars are not a team that are a player away from making a Super Bowl run.  While Haynesworth would potentially improve the defensive line, he's not going to put them over the top.  Not to mention something like a 4th round pick really is too risky for a "fat and happy" player.  Haynesworth might be motivated to show Washington they're wrong for wanting to trade him, but for me the risk is too great.  Some will also bring up his character concerns, but since stomping on the face of an offensive lineman 3 years ago, Haynesworth hasn't really been in much trouble outside of speeding.

The only possible situation I can see in which the Jaguars would be interested would be for a player-player swap.  Maybe the Jaguars can send defensive tackle John Henderson and linebacker Clint Ingram for Albert Haynesworth? Henderson is 2 years older than Haynesworth and Clint Ingram has been a disappointment for the Jaguars.  Even then, I'm not sure I would pull the trigger on that trade for some of the reasons I mentioned above.  Haynesworth isn't going to put the Jaguars team and defense over the top, and that contract Haynesworth has just makes it so difficult to trade him.

Unlike the Jason Campbell rumor from earlier in the week, the Jaguars have been silent so far on this rumor. Does that mean anything? Not really.

Like I said, I'd treat this rumor with kid gloves. It just doesn't seem to fit what the Jacksonville Jaguars are doing.