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The Obvious-Solution for the Jaguars: Hyphenations of the 2010 Draft

Last year at this time Mike Sims-Walker, Mike Walker at the time, had finished his second year of unfortunate events in the NFL. Knee injuries didn't allow him to play in his rookie season and cut his second year short. Mike then made a decision that would forever change his career in the NFL. He added a hyphen to his name, which immediately shot him to NFL success. As Maurice Jones-Drew had proven through his career in Jacksonville, a Jaguar with a hyphen in their name will be successful. 

With such obvious evidence at hand, it is clear how Gene Smith should go about building the Jaguar roster. With that said, here is how I now think the Jaguars draft should go:

1st Round, 10th Overall - Jason Pierre-Paul - DE - South Florida

JPP has tremendous upside with measurables that would make Al Davis drool. Although, there is risk considering that he has so little experience and because he is so raw. However, a hyphen in his name combined with a teal uniform all but ensures that he will reach his lofty ceiling.

3rd Round, 74th Overall - Akwasi Owusu-Ansah - CB - IUPUI

This pick is a no-brainer. A guy from a small school that no one has ever heard of combined with a hyphen. The Jaguars should hop all over that combo.

4th Round, 108th Overall - Daniel Te'o-Nesheim - DE - Washington

The Jacksonville pass rush still needs help and the hyphenated combo of Jason Pierre-Paul with Daniel Te'o-Nesheim would immediately fix it. 

5th Round, 142nd Overall - Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith - S - UTEP

Well aside from the fact that he has a hyphen in his last name, he also has Cromartie in his last name. By my logic, that means he'll lead the team in interceptions.

6th Round, 180th Overall - Alan-Michael Cash - DT - NC State

This is easily the riskiest pick in the draft. The Jaguars have no experience with first name hyphens and no one knows how this pick will turn out. But it's the 6th round and the potential reward outweighs the risk.

6th Round, 203rd Overall - Edward Morton-Green - WR - Morgan State

Imagine the dynamic receiving duo of MSW and EMG. Enough said.

Undrafted Free Agency

Yusef Dorman-El - DE - Bowie State

Jeff Tow-Arnett - C - Minnesota

Lardester Hicks-Green - LB - Delta State

Leon Wright-Jackson - RB - Hawaii

Wondy Pierre-Louis - CB - Florida

Jimmy Saddler-McQueen - DT - Texas A&M-Kingsville

Ikaika Aken-Moleta - G - San Diego State

Cody Anderson-Norblom - FB - St. Cloud State

Ryan Hart-Predmore - G - Lafayette

Nick Tow-Arnett - FB - Minnesota

- Adam-Stites