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Q&A with DE Walter Dublin Recap

If you missed out on the live Q&A session with defensive end prospect Walter Dublin, do not worry! You can check the recap of the session after the jump. There is no need to sift through the comments, we took the liberty of churching it up in a readable manner.

If you don't know much about him, you can read the Walter Dublin Scouting Report by clicking here.

Thank you to Walter Dublin for coming on and participating and all of the Big Cat Country members who took the time to participate and ask such great questions.


Big Cat Country: What has the extent of your contact with the Jacksonville Jaguars been?

Walter Dublin: Our contact as of now has been limited to a few phone calls, text messages & emails back and forth… Everything has been positive but given my situation, its been much more difficult than usual for teams to evaluate me as a prospect.


BCC: Who from the Jaguars has contacted you? Gene Smith or Jack Del Rio?

WD: my contact as of now has been limited to the Scouts. I have been in communication with Jason DesJarlais.


BCC: What do you currently weigh and what is the last 40 yard dash time you ran?

WD: I am currently 6’2 273lbs I just held my Pro Day a few days ago and it will be posted virally in the coming days. I ran in the 4.8 range with a 1.62s 10yd split, 34" vertical jump, 9’4" broad jump, in the 4.4s range on my short shuttle, officially 24 reps on bench. The Official number will be up as soon as they are available.


BCC: Where did you have your pro-day and how many teams were represented?

WD: Due to my circumstances and the fact that I hadn’t been enrolled in school for quite some time, the NFL did not permit me to have any teams present at my Pro Day. It was held at Northwestern University in the same environment in which they held theirs. It was filmed by the same film crew that was required to film theirs and was under the direction of a former NFL scout. Over 11 teams have requested the workout footage, but it will be sent to every team scout in my region just as a general reference. A lot of people still have no clue who I am.


BCC: Why did the NFL prohibit teams from attending?

WD: My agent would have more information on that than myself but it had to do with residency issues. There was a conflict between where I lived and where I would be permitted to workout for scouts. It hasnt had any negative effect on team interest though. The teams still continue to call in inquiry.


BCC: What NFL player do you think is closest to your skill set?

WD: well growing up I always compared myself to the great Dwight Freeney, but I would say my game mimics Lamar Woodley more closely now. I am very quick and physical at the point of attack. I love contact and pride myself on stunning offensive lineman. 


BCC: What is the biggest advantage can you offer to an NFL team?

WD: I would say that the biggest advantage, if I had to pick just one… Is my determination and work ethic that I carry… I have been on a long and unusual journey and I would like to think that it has helped position me as a more mature-than-usual prospect heading into the draft.


BCC: Do you prefer to have your hand on the ground pre-snap?

WD: I definitely prefer having my hand down.


BCC: Have teams talked to you more about playing 3-4 outside linebacker or 4-3 defensive end?

WD: Due to my short range and first-step burst and quickness, I’ve heard everything ranging from 3-4 linebacker to 4-3 end, to even putting on 15-20lbs and moving inside as a 3 technique.


BCC: As of right now, would you be able to help a 4-3 team more as a run stopper or as a pass rusher?

WD: I’d like to think that I am a sweet combination of both lol Blessed with great quickness for my size and good strength, I believe I could contribute as an every-down type player.




BCC: Which system would you prefer to play in? 3-4 or 4-3?

WD: If I had it my way, definitely 4-3.



BCC: When was the last time you played with your hand on the ground?

WD: Last year playing Arena ball, I split time between Mack Backer and Defensive End.


BCC: What kind of pass rush moves do you use to get past the tackle?

WD: I am a bull-rush, push-pull & dip n’ rip type of guy… Im pretty good with my hands so I actively use them to disengage from blockers.


BCC: What made you chose the AFL over continuing to play in college?

WD: It all came down to a bad transfer decision that landed me in a less-than-ideal situation at a small school with no financial aid.


BCC: You're journey is a very interesting read.

WD: It has definitely had a major effect on my life. I have experienced so many different things that so many people my age will probably never experience, I feel like from a maturity stand-point, I have definitely taken major strides into manhood. It is a true test of determination and without trying to sound arrogant, I really don’t think many 19-20 year olds would have the mental fortitude to handle it. Ive struggled quite a bit, but Ive also had some of the best experiences of my life… All in all, it was a great experience.


BCC: What would you say are the high points of your experience?

WD: I would say the MAJOR high point has been meeting my beautiful soon-to-be fiance Stephanie and the birth of my son DeAngelo back on Thanksgiving Day. Without these certain circumstances falling into place, I would have never met her or my inherited son Dreavin. I love the dearly, I’d say that's made this all worth-while. But I’ve met some incredible people along the way, friends that I will always hold close, role models to follow and without the journey, I would've never met my great agents at KSMG. They work harder than any group of people I know and I appreciate everything they do for me.


BCC: Who are your agents?

WD: After a fallout with my last agent, I was kind of at a crossroads in my playing career he left me high and dry to say the least. lol I discovered them on the Internet actually, the were a rapidly growing firm that had achieved quite a bit of success with several NFL players. It was with a leap of faith and a detailed email that I linked up with Tom Kaufmann & Scott Rochelle of Kaufmann Sports Management Group and its been nothing but a blessing since. They are a great group of hard working individuals and you would be hard-pressed to find something negative to say about them from any of their clients.


BCC: Are you expecting to get drafted or try to make a team as an undrafted free agent?

WD:  I’ve heard both scenarios may be possibilities… Like I said, I’m just taking the experience for what it is and will appreciate whatever opportunity is given to me.


BCC: Would you be fine with being a back up for a year or being on the practice squad?

WD: Absolutely… If it takes a year of me refining my skillset and adjusting to the NFL game, Im fine with that. Practice squad players are just as important as active roster guys.

BCC: What do you think you can bring from the AFL to the NFL game?

WD: I would say the most important thing I have taken from the AFL is the quickness at which the game is played. It is much faster than outdoor ball. QB is always either in a 1-step or 3-step drop, so you have to find a way to get to the QB quickly. People don’t realize that Arena Football is legitimate football with legitimate athletes that deserve more credit than they are given. Most of them are either aspiring NFL players or former players, so the competition is always fierce. You should all go out and support your local AFL team! 


BCC: What are of your game do you want to improve the most?

WD: I still consider myself a raw athlete technique-wise when it comes to playing outdoors… I believe that there is still a lot that I can learn


BCC: Have you suffered any major injuries while playing in the AFL/CFL?

WD: I have not suffered any major injuries during my time playing AFL/CFL football, just aches and pains like any other athlete.


BCC: Did you take a redshirt when you were at Ohio State?

WD: Yes I did. I was slated to play and had been working my way up the depth chart, but I was a little too small at the time, I could beat people with my speed, but I was getting pushed around by bigger Big 10 o-lineman. I was a skinny 230lb freshman.


BCC: Do you have any interesting recruiting trip stories?

WD: Hmmm I would say on my way to getting on the plane for my official visit to The University of Minnesota, I was on crutches due to a sprained ankle. My crutches wouldn’t make it through security at the airport and I ended up getting held up in a full-body search. By the time they were finished, I raced down the terminal on the crutches and they shut the door right in my face when I finally got to the plane. I was like "what the heck?" she saw me struggling to crutch all the way down there and couldn’t hold the door for me? Jerk… lol


BCC: Where have the scouts told you you'll go in the draft?

WD: I’ve heard mostly UDFA with a few sprinkling in the 7th Round as an option, but I’m sure as my momentum continues to build from being virtually unknown to well known, the picture will become much clearer.


BCC: Is there a particular defensive end in the NFL that you'd love to play with and learn from?

WD: Current Player – Jared Allen, no doubt… One of the most dominant in the game today and with a similar playing style as mine.

Past Player – I’ve always had mad love and respect for Reggie White… Would love to have spent even just a day learning from him.



BCC: You said "soon-to-be fiance", does that mean you'll be popping the question soon?

WD: I do in fact plan on popping the question sometime soon, I just haven’t figured out how I want to go about doing that yet… I hope she isn’t a huge Jags fan at this current moment… LOL


BCC: Do you have any plans for after football?

WD: Well, I am a very business minded person and throughout my travels have extended my network all across the country. I currently do a lot of freelance marketing and graphic design work for several small businesses across the country and have been offered several internships from a few reputable companies. i plan on exploring those options more once I am done playing.


BCC: What do you like to do in your free time?

WD: Every moment spent not training, has been spent with my family. Being a father is one of the best experiences any man could ever have. I don’t need the riff-raff, just my family. Other than that, fishing, stone-crabbing and playing pool are fine options as well. 

BCC: What do you plan to do on draft day?

WD: I will be back in Florida on my grandfather’s couch with the rest of my family.


BCC: If you could play any other sport, what would it be?

WD: Oh geeze, I would say baseball.


BCC: What is your life philosophy?

WD: I would say my life’s philosophy is to treat each day as the blessing that it is… Never let a day go by saying that you wish you would have done something different. Life is life and the only time you should live with regrets is if you don’t live up to your full potential. God has a mapped out a colorful journey for each and every one of us and it is up to us to follow that path… It has many detours, but as long as you keep your eyes on the prize and your faith in the skies, anything is possible.


BCC: Say I am an NFL GM, why should I draft you or bring you in?

WD: I am a no-nonsense, lunch-pail & hard-hat type worker, that will come in with an open mind and no extra baggage. I have experienced both the business and mental aspects of what it takes to be a pro and consider each day that I get to prepare and play the game I love a blessing from up above. I am a young, raw athlete with the size, potential and athleticism you want, with the mindset of a veteran. I have no character issues and a loving family of my own and can assure you that you would not regret having me in Jaguars teal.