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2010 Mini Camp: Jacksonville Jaguars Day 2, Afternoon Session

The Jaguars concluded their 2nd day of Mini Camp this afternoon. While being on the field wasn't on par with being in a broiler like Saturday, it was still plenty hot. As best as I could tell, their weren't any new non-participants in the afternoon session. Since it was the last practice open to the public until training camp, the team ended it on a high note for the most part.


Maybe it was the lack of Greg Jones, but I saw a good amount of 3 wide receiver sets. Mike Sims-Walker, Mike Thomas, and Troy Williamson look like they've seperated themselves from the pack already. Jarrett Dillard also made some nice receptions. Kaasim Osgood made one of the plays of the afternoon by catching a long pass, but he still reminds me of a big dog that isn't comfy in his own skin when he runs. Mike Sims-Walker looks primed for easily the best season by a Jaguars wide receiver since Jimmy Smith was in his prime. He made several terrific catches, inluding going down on both of his knees to catch a poorly thrown ball on an out route.

Luke McCown wasn't head and shoulders above Garrard in this session, and was more consistent in general. I would be making a mountain out of a mole hill by saying McCown may do in Garrard the same way David did in Leftwich in 2007, but it will be something to watch during training camp. Garrard had several more throws batted down, while Luke threw a very bad INT.

Trevor Harris has looked good overall. I think he has a "Good enough"  arm to play in the NFL, but he's one shot away from having a spaghetti arm, ala Chad Pennington. On the other hand, his release is what every QB coach dreams about. By the time you see he's cocking it back the ball is out of there.

The offensive line shuffle continued with many of the same combination Alfie wrote about in the morning practice. However, we won't know anything concrete until they put the pads on in July. Either way, the line was up and down in the afternoon session. Derrick Harvey beat Britton like a drum on a few plays. I wish Kampman was participating so we could gauge how far Monroe has come along.


The biggest thing I say on defense was the lack of participation from Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox. In most, if not all, of the 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills involving the first team defense, William Middleton and Don Carey were playing the corner positions.

Sean Considine was working with the 1st team defense at safety, along with Gerald Alexander. It's clear the Jaguars are looking for find a good fit at the FS position. Unless Reggie Nelson completely fails, he won't be cut this year though.

Kirk Morrison may be an excellent tackler, but he's also going to be targeted by OC's when he has coverage responsibilities. I'm not saying he's a terrible coverage linebacker, but don't expect him to be making too many plays vs the pass.

Tyson Alualu is already one of my favorite players. He stayed around for a half hour easily signing autographs. Real class act. He was really explosive off the snap again today.

Play of the day on defense, Justin Durant came in and almost light up Deji Karim while Karim was supposed to catch a screen pass.