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Quick Bytes - 5/22/10

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The Examiner - Atlanta Falcons to host Jaguars and Patriots at practice during 2010 training camp

The Jaguars will travel to Atlanta for combined practices on August 9th and 10th. DuvalJag and others discussed what that meant for the Jaguars here.

Black & Teal - Previewing the Jaguars ‘10 Roster – The Tight Ends (Part I)

Our own Zoltan Paksa previews the tight end position moving forward and why the TE corps are the Jags' secret weapon.

USA Today - Jaguars QB David Garrard now demanding a winning attitude

A lot had been demanded of Garrard this offseason by the front office, fans, coaches and even players, but now Garrard is doing some demanding of his own.

Mile High Report - You're The Last In Line - The Myth of the "Tough" Schedule

TJ Johnson discusses the farce that is the "tough schedule." I liked this part too: 

Tyson Alualu fooled everyone, except the Jags.   After all, he is Samoan.  And we all know Samoans kick ass.  Actually, Denver, humidity, and early games never mix.  LOSS.

Florida Times-Union - Rashean Mathis' protest met with silence

Gene Frenette reports that Rashean's protest falls on deaf ears in the front office. 

ESPN AFC South Blog - Negotiating Power: Rashean Mathis

Paul Kuharsky brings in an expert panel to discuss the contract dispute - Wilford gets a haircut

JagHack isn't alone when he says "I love this guy."

ProFootballFocus - Runs for No Gain

Nothing Jaguar related in the article, but interesting none the less.

ESPN AFC South Blog - The Big Question: Can Jones-Drew See?

MJD had Lasik surgery to repair his poor vision. If he wasn't able to see well the last three years, I can't wait to see him when he can.

ESPN - Source: Favre needs 4-6 weeks of rehab

The drama continues.

Stampede Blue - An explanation of why people dislike you BBS

There's a mutiny going on at our local SBNation Colts site. Make sure you get a rec in for this article.