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Why does Jacksonville have to choose?

Paul Kuharsky, ESPN's AFC South blogger, made an excellent point yesterday during his weekly chat session

Brian (Jacksonville)

I'm a Gator fan, but the amount of Tebow Broncos jerseys worn around town disgusts me. You think Ketchman has it right that the issue in Jax is over picking college or pro?

Paul Kuharsky
  (3:32 PM)

Seems like. Don't understand why Nashville football people can wear Orange on Saturday and Blue on Sunday without difficulty, however.

Why is it that one city, which has had a team for a shorter time than Jacksonville, can seemingly separate one from the other? I've been able to grasp, and enjoy, both the college and pro game. I fully intend to own season tickets to both FSU and the Jaguars when I can afford to do so. Why can't other people understand this?

Then again, I keep hearing how the Jaguars need to learn a thing or two about ticket prices from the Sharks, so maybe this city's well documented literacy issues extends into conceptual understanding.