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This whole LA business makes me sad

I guess it's things that make us sad day at BCC.

Fans in cities such as Jacksonville, Buffalo, Minneapolis, and San Deigo are going to be doing alot of worrying over the next year. Not worrying about whether or not their team is putting the pieces together for a Super Bowl run, but rather if their team will even be playing in their town in a few years.

While reading about the current stadium situation in Minnesota, I actually caught myself rooting for the Vikings stadium bill to fail. I have nothing against the people of Minnesota, in fact, I've never set foot in that state. However, I do know that the closer the Vikings stadium bill is to dying, the easier I can rest assured that the Jaguars won't end up in The House That Roski Will Build.

Why does it have to be like this? Why do fans have to root against each other, just so their team isn't the unlucky one? Next time you read about the likely candidate to go to LA, after thinking "Whew, it isn't the Jaguars", think about the unlucky fanbase that it is going to be.