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2010 UDFA Profile: Ben Stallings, FB, Lambuth

Ben Stallings
Ben Stallings

Earlier in the week Alfie discussed the fullback position for the Jaguars heading into the 2010 season. As he said in that story, starting fullback Greg Jones should be on the roster this season, but because of his recent history of injuries his future with the team isn't set. In the event that Jones is lost for the season or from the roster in the future, there will be a vacancy at the position. Montell Owens is a lock for a roster spot for his special teams play, but it's doubtful that he could fill in as a traditional, lead blocking fullback. That spot could be filled by the 2nd year, undrafted Brock Bolen. Or it could also be filled by undrafted rookie Ben Stallings.

On July 2nd of 2009, Delta State football coach Ron Roberts announced that Stallings was suspended indefinitely from their program for breaking an undisclosed team rule. He quickly transferred to Lambuth University for his senior season. Whether or not that suspension is a reflection of poor character is not a judgment that I have the ability to make, but concern is not unwarranted. 

At Lambuth, Stallings quickly made an impact, leading the team in rushing touchdowns despite playing in only 9 games as he missed the last 4 games of the season due to an ankle injury. In his 9 games, he finished with 567 yards rushing and 9 touchdowns while also adding 9 receptions. In Jacksonville he probably wouldn't be receiving many touches; however, at 5'10, 250 pounds he provides a big body to open up holes. Even bigger than the 6'0, 238 pound Brock Bolen.

There are certainly concerns to be had with Stallings. With an injury on his record along with the dismissal from Delta State, he isn't exactly someone that would automatically fit into the Gene Smith mold. Gene must see something, though, that made him decide to sign Stallings. Maybe the character and injury concerns are overblown or maybe the potential was too much to pass up. Hopefully it was both.

Video Killed the Scouting Report

(Stallings carries at 1:20 and hurdles, then carries at 2:00 and tries to hurdle)

Ben Stallings: By the Numbers


Ben Stallings
Position 1:  Fullback
Height:  5'10
Position 2:  Running Back 
Weight: 250
Class:  Senior Age:  22
Bench Reps: 25

 40 Time:  5.08


According to the Experts

JB Scouting

Stallings has adequate speed and runs very hard. His size is intriguing as well. He is one of those knock you in the mouth and bloody your nose type kids and played with a broken hand for most of the year.. While he won’t be on the draft radar, Stallings is a potential free agent to keep tabs on. (7-15-2009)