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Jaguars vs. Raiders: The Battle of Perceptions

On Saturday reports surfaced that the Raiders offered the Jaguars a 5th round pick, prior to the draft, in exchange for DT John Henderson. The Jaguars reportedly turned down this offer as they were in pursuit of a 4th round pick and a 5th wasn't enough compensation in their eyes. A 4th was never acquired, nor was a 5th. The Jaguars released Henderson shortly after the draft and received nothing in return. 

Now, two days later, there is a report from Vito Stellino that the Raiders fabricated their report of a trade offer:

"The Raiders put out a story that they offered the Jags a fifth round pick for Henderson and the Jags turned it down and then the raiders signed him for nothing when he was cut..makes the raiders look very savvy. good story but it's not true the raiders didn't offer any pick for henderson but hey why let the truth get in the way of a good story" -

So the Raiders told a Bay Area reporter one story, and the Jaguars told Vito another one. One is lying and one is telling the truth. What is clear is that both teams are trying to make themselves look better. The Raiders are trying to look "savvy" as Vito said by acquiring a player for free that they should've had to pay for. The Jaguars are trying to make it appear as if there was no market for Henderson and that they were forced into releasing him because no offers were made. My take? Who cares.

What's done is done and whether an offer was made or not does not change a thing. If an offer was on the table it doesn't change the two biggest points:

A) The Jaguars received no compensation for John Henderson.

B) The Raiders got beat like a drum by the Jaguars this offseason.

Consider their moves as a trade:

The Raiders receive Quentin Groves, John Henderson, 2010 4th Round Pick (Jacoby Ford)

The Jaguars receive Kirk Morrison, 2010 5th Round Pick (Austen Lane), 2010 5th Round Pick (2011 4th Round Pick)

Whatever makes you feel better, Al.