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Will Josh Scobee rebound in 2010?

When the Jaguars spent a 5th round pick on an unknown kicker out of Louisiana Tech in 2004, it was a pick that was met with plenty of criticism. Josh Scobee was a typical Shack Harris type of pick. He possessed one of the strongest legs in the NFL, but his accuracy left much to be desired. Over the years, Scobee rounded himself out to be a solid kicker. He had one of the best touchback percentages in the league, and he managed to get his field goal accuracy to an acceptable level.

However, the bottom simply fell out last year. It started in Week 2 when Scobee had a field goal blocked and returned for a touchdown vs the Cardinals and continued until it peaked with a chip shot miss at San Francisco. In addition, his touchback percentage dropped in 2009, though he was still in the Top 10 in the league.

Scobee's 64% field goal percentage is skewed by the absurd amount of 60+ yard attempts he made last year (4 if I remember correctly.) If you take those out of the equation, he has a much more respectable 75% FGP, but that would still only be good enough to be the 28th more accurate kicker in the league.

Barring a surprise signing, Scobee will have no competition for the position when training camp opens up in about a month. He'll need to have a good showing during the preseason, as Gene Smith has shown time and again failure is not an option. His absurd leg strength managed to buy himself some time. However, he has to show that the Jaguars can cash in on that leg strength as well.