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Jacksonville Jaguars: No more practice for you!

Today the Jacksonville Jaguars were notified that they have violated the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement and their OTA's will be shut down, thus ending the Jaguars OTA sessions. They will have completed only 12 of 14 of their scheduled OTA's

"The NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association have resolved a complaint by the Players Association against the Jacksonville Jaguars concerning violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement’s offseason workout rules," the NFL said in a statement to be released Thursday morning. "It was determined that the Jaguars violated the rules concerning the intensity and tempo of drills conducted on the club’s organized team activity days ("OTA days").

"As a result, the Jaguars will forfeit a week of their offseason program (June 21-25, 2010). Jaguars players are not permitted to be at the facility on those days, but will be paid for the sessions. The club cannot reschedule the cancelled days."

Apparently a player complained that the practices were too intense.

Stay refreshed for updates from Adam Stites.

Update 11:53 - The Lions have also lost two OTA sessions next year for similar violations of the CBA. 

Update 12:18 - The Detroit News reports that the "NFL will randomly take a look at tapes from practices to enforce their rules." That means that there is a possibility that no player complained to the NFLPA.