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Jaguars DE Larry Hart Chat Wrap

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Jaguars 5th round pick Larry Hart was kind enough to drop by BCC to chat with the fans on a variety of issues. If you missed the chat, no need to fret as we've taken the liberty to transcribe it for you. We would once again like to thank Larry for coming on and answering all of the questions he did. We wish him the best of luck this season.

Q: Lakers or Celtics?

LH: Very tough question..probably the toughest one i will have all night lol…but i will go with the lakers because they have homecourt.

Q: How have OTAs been?

LH: OTA’s to begin with were fairly tough..but they have been getting better and better my friend. I’m learning and getting better everyday. So overall good.

Q: Which round was your highest expectation to get drafted? Do you projected that you will be drafted? Would you been upset if you won’t get drafted?

LH: The highest round i expected to get drafted was 4th. I did feel like i had a really good chance of getting drafted. I would have been disappointed if i didnt get drafted.

Q: Is it advantage or disadvantage that so many rookies were drafted in the defensive line?

LH: I dont know if there is a advantage or disadvantage i do think that defensive lineman are always sought after.

Q: Do the Jaguars have any kind of a fanbase where you lived/grew up? Which NFL teams has the biggest fanbase there?

LH: The jags didnt have a fanbase were i was lol..i would probably say the saints had the biggest fanbase were i was located. I grew up in mississippi.

Q: Who are the players you can’t wait to play against. Is anybody from you current teammates; who you admired before you get drafted?

LH: I cant wait to play against the would be a dream come true to sack peyton manning. I am a fan of Dwight freeney's game.

Q: Would you been upset if you would start the season in practice squad?

LH: I would not be upset at all if i started on the practice squad…i would be upset if i got cut lol.

Q: What’s your opinion about Tyson Alualu?

LH: Tyson is a very talented guy..probably a even better person.

Q: What skills do you have that will lead to you becoming a successful DPR?

LH: Im quick off the ball..i have the ability to turn the corner on Offensive tackles..i also have deceptive power game to mix in with speed.

Q:What is the best thing about playing football?

LH: Everyone coming together for one common goal..and thats trying to win..I love when a team puts the selfish desires aside and come together.

Q: What goals do you have for yourself?

LH: Double digit sacks and eventually become a starter.( alot of hard work though lol)


Q: What is something that surprised you about the Jags?

LH: The intensity of practice. and how cool everyone was.

Q: What is your favorite memory at Central Arkansas?

LH: My favorite Memory will have to be my whole junior year..because it was so many close games and guys just kept battling and battling and we ended up have a really special year and winning the conference.

Q:What advice can you give the players on this years Central Arkansas team about their first shot at a national title?

LH: My advice is to the guys is stay together no matter what..keep sawing the wood whether good or bad..another good rule of thumb keep God first!

Q: Are you going to have any rookie cards?


LH: Yes, I am going to have rookie cards

Q: Who do you want to face off against in the Oklahoma drill?

LH: Lol that is a great question! To be honest that would be an opportunity for me to gain some respect from my i would like to face the most challenging person. Whether that’s britton, monroe, or any TE.

Q: Did you have any major injuries in college? Do you miss any games?


LH: I did not have any major injuries in college and i didn't miss any games. Actually I didn't miss any games in highschool. ( Knock on wood!!!!)

Q: Are you a tape watcher type who studies lot of film?

LH: I am a tape watcher..but I have to step my game up because Mr. Kampman puts me too shame lol.

Q: What’s your impressions so far from D-line coach Joe Cullen (he is a new coach in theJack Del Rio’s staff; so he is a bit of new for us fans too)?

LH: Joe Cullen is intense. But the reason I respect him so much is because he is intense all the time. He loves the game and he is extremely intelligent.

Q: What is your first impressions of Jack Del Rio? How much time is he involved with the defensive line? How does he spend his time with that unit compared to LBers and DBs?

LH: Coach Del Rio is a tough as nails but at the same time he’s laid back..he rarely yells. He is a great coach and im excited to play for him. From what I can tell he spends alot of his time with the defense with the LB’s and DB’s.

Q: Welcome to the Jags! Just wanted to give you a heads up…Sack the QB and you will be a GOD in Jacksonville…Giddy up!

LH: Thanks I appreciate the welcome man. That is my goal is too sack the Qb.  I will tell you what coach Cullen said in practice just the other day: " If we get 50 sacks and I drop dead the next day.. I will die a happy man" Of course hopefully that doesnt happen!

Q:How much contact did you have with the Jaguars prior to the draft?

LH: Actually it was alot man. The Jags area scout came to my school and he found me. Then from there at the texas vs. nation allstar game i met with Mr. Gene Smith and Mr. Terry McDonough . Also coach Cullen gave me a private workout in mississippi.

Q: It’s so great to know who I’m routing for from here in Alaska. I love knowing that a lot of the guys I’m shouting for are great quality. You seem quality to me Mr Hart. Good luck making the cut and I hope your dream becomes Peyton’s nightmare!

LH: Hey my friend I really appreciate that Sir. I’m looking forward to trying to become a great pro like Mo Jo and Kamp..and Heyward.

Q: I’ve heard a lot of great things about you…This is a blue collar town and the fanbase is dying for a return to the days of a hard hitting, nasty defense. I want you to bring back the "Welcome to Duval…Prepare to be Hit" swagger we used to have. Since your new in town…If you like Wings…head out to Wild Wing Cafe on the southside…best Wings in town (don’t work there lol, but I might as well…I love that place).

LH: I actually Love Wings man. I have been getting wings from im looking forward to checking that place out! But I agree with you man I want that swagger as well…believe me we are working in practice trying to get there..

Q: I know you’ve only done underwear practices so far, but what are the main differences between I-AA football and the NFL?

LH: The main difference to me is the technique the guys play with and also they are really smart. I was doing a certain move against Monroe that was working pretty good and the for the last week he has been completely kicking my butt lol because he adjusted to it..and he’s really good player as well too.

Q: What stage in coming up do you feel is the most important in developing talent and interest in football for young kids? What would you have done differently coming up prior to college?


LH: I dont know if there is a perfect time to get kids started..For me I started in the 7th grade..I would imagine if you started kids too young and the get popped pretty good they may not want to ever try to play again lol..Next thing you know their like I’m strictly playing the Flute! Things i would have done differently is just developing a work ethic. Not only for the field but for classroom as well.

Q: What do you think about Luke Richesson’s  workout program…seems very unique.

LH: Coach Richesson’s is an awesome guy..he’s real guy and he’s guy I dont mind busting my butt for..His workout program is legit..reason being because they make sure all the movements you do are correct and functional to what you do on the field. Some colleges just through a crap load of weight on the bar and you just go at it..but they really break down and try to keep you healthy and make sure its all functional and beneficial too you.

Q: Did any other team have as much interest in you as the Jags did?

LH: Yeah their actually were man. I took visits too San Fran, Oakland, Chicago, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Indy. I thought i had a good chance with Indy until they took the guy from TCU..then i was thinking either baltimore or chicago.

Q: Which current NFL player do you most compare yourself to?

LH: The guys i try to model myself after..are guys like Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Elvis Dumbervill, and James Harrison.

Q: What went through your mind when you got the call from the Jaguars that they were taking you?

LH: It was one the best feelings I have ever had in my life man. It really was a dream come true. Because the route i had to take to get to the point I am at was not glorious at all. I didnt play at an LSU, FSU, or UF, i played at Juco for two years then I played at a D-1aa. So it was really cool dude. I will say this i wouldnt trade my path i had to take for nothing.

Q: Did you know anyone in the NFL before getting drafted? Did you play against anyone in Division I-AA who is now in the NFL?

LH: Actually my junior year on my team I competed against a guy named Marquez Branson in practice.. He recently got signed by the Denver Broncos and he spent his rookie year on the practice squad. He and I are actually related to one another. I played against Lagarrette Blount back in Junior college and thats about it as far as I remember.

Q: I heard you played Modern Warfare 2, what level are you?

LH: Lol I have prestiged twice. Im a level 70 thinking about prestiging again! Its a really good way for me to keep up with alot of my friends from college.

Q: Do you play on PS3 or 360? What’s your SN?

LH: I play on 360. My screen name is Hart Jr. Im thinking about switching to ps3 because 360 really makes me mad sometimes.

Q: One last question, why are you going to make the biggest impact in this year’s Jags rookie class

LH: Well, I believe that I have the talent to make a impact on the team this year..I also will be playing with a chip on my shoulder to prove to everyone that I can be double digit sack guy.