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Breaking Down the Jacksonville Jaguars Roster: Wide Receiver

Organized Team Activities (OTA's) start up again this week, but it's still the dead zone.  I figure it's that time to do the oh-so-way-too-early roster breakdown, and handicap the positions.  We'll go position by position on the football team and look at who's competing for a roster spot, who's a lock, and who's on the bubble.

Last time we did offensive lineman.

Now we'll move to the final piece of the offense, the wide receivers.

Lock on the Roster

Mike Sims-Walker: I think this goes without saying, Sims-Walker is clearly the best wide receiver on the football team. He'll be on the team and he'll likely lead all receivers in every receiving category.

Mike Thomas: Like Sims-Walker, I think Mike Thomas being on the roster is a dead-set no brainer. Thomas showed last season in the NFL a lot of what he did at Arizona in the Pac-10: Be a versatile threat. Thomas is great out of the slot, out-wide, in motion, off the line, and even on sweeps.

Jarett Dillard: I've had some people argue that Dillard isn't a lock, but the people I talk to within the organization think he is. Not to mention he's looked very good in mini-camp and OTA's coming off his injury that ended his season last year just as he was starting to get hot.

Kassim Osgood: By contract alone, Osgood will be on the roster. Not a slight at all to Kassim, as I am rather curious to see if he can break into the Jaguars receiving rotation. He's a huge target with some speed, but his real prowess will likely be on special teams where he's the best in the NFL. If you're reading this Kassim, make me look stupid for questioning your receiving ability.

Now... that's already 4 locks for a roster position that's likely going to carry only 5 players.

Uh oh.

Everybody Else, BATTLE ROYALE!

Troy Williamson: I think Williamson is the likely 5th receiver as long as he has no hiccups or injuries. He came into game one last season as a starter after a successful pre-season, but had his road to retribution stopped by a shoulder injury.

Nate Hughes: After Williamson, I would put Nate Hughes as the next best candidate. Hughes showed an ability to play last year in the pre-season and also showed the ability to get open during the year. Unfortunately for him, he got open but didn't catch so he was released. He was eventually re-signed by the team though, and seems to be a favorite among the coaching staff.

Tiquan Underwood: Tiquan, AKA The Underwear League MVP has been hyped up all during OTA's, He's a smallish receiver with blazing speed, but his hands are questionable and he he body catches more than he plucks the ball. I personally think he winds up on the practice squad again.

Clarence Denmark: Denmark is a local product who's flashed a bit. He's a practice squad candidate.

Jason Harmon: Harmon was the No. 1 receiver at Florida Atlantic. He's a nice sized wide receiver, but he spent a lot of mini-camp with an undisclosed injury.

Roren Thomas: I really don't know anything about Roren Thomas, but I feel comfortable saying right now he's probably a practice squad player, at best. I don't know much about him, but Adam Stites does!

Chris McGaha: I think Chris McGaha likely winds up on the practice squad of the Jaguars. He has nice size and vacuum cleaners for hands. If you watched Jarrett Dillard pluck passes out of the air last off-season, you know what I'm referring to.


edit: fixed clarity