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Mike Thomas Chat Wrap

Jaguars WR Mike Thomas was kind enough to drop by BCC and answer questions from the fans. If you missed the chat, no need to fret as we've taken the liberty to transcribe it for you. We would once again like to thank Mike for coming on and answering all of the questions he did. We wish him the best of luck this season.

Question: Thanks for coming on, how have OTAs been?

Mike Thomas: OTAs have been good. It seems like everybody has one common goal, we are all out for the same goal and that’s to win.

Q: How are OTAs any different now that you’re in your 2nd year compared to your rookie year?

MT: Everything has slowed down for me, which is a good thing. I’m picking up defenses faster. The game is just simply slowing down for me and as an athlete you want to have the ability to say that the game has slowed down, that means you are understanding it more. The game has always changing and always evolving you have to change and adapt with it. Time is a good thing in this league, repition is a good thing. Being thrown into the fire as a rookie makes you mature faster than normal.

Q: Is your hamstring 100% healed?

MT: It’s not 100% but as long as Iong as I keep stretching and taking care of it it will endure and I will be ready to compete.

Q: A hamstring injury sidelined you last year during training camp as well. Did you ever injure it while at Arizona?

MT: That was actually the first time I ever had a hamstring injury.

Q: The 2nd WR position is kind of open. Do you feel you can take it? Who are the biggest rivals for the position?

MT: Of course I feel like I can take it and I want it. Everyone wants it, [Troy Williamson] and (Jarrett) Dillard are both strong contenders for the position.

Q: With Torry Holt gone, has anyone emerged as a leader of the WR corps?

MT:Mike Sims-Walker has taken the initiative to lead and he does a great job of it.

Q: How are Kassim Osgood and the UDFA rookies doing?

MT: Kassim is a nut but a heck of an athlete, big ol body. The UDFA rookies are doing the best they can. They are holding there own. Trying to gain respect and get a spot.

Q:Do you see any difference between last years tams and this years?

MT:Not anything drastic, everybody has bought into the team and realizes we all want to win and we need to work hard and have fun doing it. Our mindset is more focused on getting to some post season games and then to the Superbowl.

Q:What have you learned that you didn’t know before that will improve your game?

MT: How to read coverages


Q:What are you doing to stay healthy?

MT:Everything. Cold tub and stretching, trying to eat the right foods, getting rest and drinking a ton of water.

Q: What reciever besides yourself has impressed you the most in OTAs and minicamp? Do you see yourself as a slot or second wide out guy for this season?

MT:Different guys impress me everyday. I see myself as a #2 guy but I enjoy playing in the slot as well.

Q: What went through your head as you caught your first NFL Touchdown vs Indy?

MT: Finally!

Q: What are your impressions of Jack Del Rio, Dirk Koetter, and (Wide Receivers coach) Todd Monken?

MT:I love Jack man, Jack’s a great coach I love his personality and his laid back spirit. Dirk is cool too. I have to keep myself from telling him to go 4 wide everyday but I think he’s a great coach. Monk loves coaching.

Q: How much time does Jack Del Rio spend with the offense during practices?

MT:He doesn’t mess with the offense too much, he comes over and tells us what the defense is going to do to us every now and then.

Q: How much contact did the Jaguars have with you before you were drafted?

 MT:Actually they had quite a bit with me. I had a feeling I was going to end up here.

Q: Who do you model your game after?

MT:Steve Smith with a little bit of Wes Welker.

Q: Do you think Deji Karim can get any playing time beyond Special Teams?

MT: Yeah he can

Q:What do you find the most challenging about playing WR?

MT:I guess trying to remember every detail of every position but that will come over time. Trying to retain all the info given to you can be challenging but that’s why we are professional athletes. They pay us to do it so we’re going to get it done.

Q:What has been the most rewarding thing so far playing for the Jags?

MT:Overcoming, being able to let people know who I am and where I came from. People didn’t know who I was so making a name for myself and proving myself. This year was great knowing that I had a role in the success that we had and hopefully more this coming season.

Q:What player do you think will be much more improved from last year, besides yourself?

MT:I think Bridges and Monroe. Their positions were drafted and there will be a lot of eyes watching them and I think they will step up to the challenge.

Q:Have you set any personal goals for 2010 like a certain # of catches and yards? Care to tell?

MT:Of course I want a 100 catches and 1,000 yards. Really somewhere between 60-80 catches. Any reason would love to have over 1,000 yards so that’s the number I’m going to shoot for.

Q:I’m a big fan and have two questions: will we see more of the reverse? Second, I got your Topps Finest autographed Patch card, do you collect all of your own cards?

MT: Yeah Koetter like them so I’m sure you’ll see more. I don’t collect them but I think it’s awesome the different variety of cards and I’d love to get each and every one of them but they are kind of hard to track down.

Q: You and Eben Britton are both coming from the Arizona WIldcats. how much advatage is that there is another guy in the team; who you played together at college?

By the way I heard that he became even more bigger&;stronger this year (At least people who observe you guys in OTAs said so) Is that true? Is he improved from his rookie year iin your opinion?

MT:It’s a good advantage knowing that I have a teammate who knows me and can come to eachother when things are going right or wrong. It’s good knowing you have a friend.

That’s the goal right? Go work harder and get bigger and stronger.

Q:Most players credit the usual artists to their list of music, but what’s something you get into that is a bit more off the mainstream? Anything underground, real old school, etc that you suggest people check out?

MT:I like jazz music. I’ve gotten into the music that plays when you get massages, the nature sounds. I also like reggae music.