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Jacksonville Jaguars Summer Fan Pledge

I was sent this on twitter by one of my followers and I thought it was appropriate to share. It's posted on the Jacksonville Jaguars official message board as well, but I felt the need to share it here.

This was sent to my by Kristin, aka EraserGirl25, aka @ohhkristin.

Click the jump for the Jacksonville Jaguars Summer Fan Pledge

Dear fellow Jags fans,

First of all, I know this is preaching to the choir as all of us on here are already Jags fans but I'm hoping you can give me 2 minutes of your time as I think there is more we can be doing. Just read it!!

I know you have all heard the saying "out of sight, out of mind" and I feel this is a major factor in some of the feeling of apathy for our home team. The other day I was driving on 95. I must have looked at 50 cars before I saw anything Jaguars related. You could say the same thing about going to the mall or anywhere for that matter. How many people will you walk past before you saw a Jags hat or t-shirt?

The reason I am bringing this up is that there are 1000s, maybe 10s of 1000s of fans who are on the fence about becoming a fan or maybe were on the fence and now forgot about it completely. Does that sound hard to believe? Well ask yourself this; Do you notice a Jags license plate? Or someone wearing a Jags t-shirt or hat? I know I do...every time! If you do notice, how does it make you feel? Excited about the upcoming season? Proud that our Jaguar nation is growing? Or maybe even jealous that he/she has the courage to wear their team's colors out in public.

All I am asking is the rest of the Summer for my fellow Jags fans to join me in this pledge.
1.) Put something on your car! I personally think the Jaguars license plates are awesome and I love mine, but I know not everyone wants to fork out the cash for one. I think they are like $23 bucks/year. Well worth it in my opinion! :)Even if it is not a Jags license plate, how about a Jaguars paw magnet. They look cool and are pretty cheap.

2.) How does anyone know that you are a Jags fan? Wear something Jaguars related when you go out! Now I know every occasion would be appropriate for a Jags t-shirt or a hat, but you know what I mean. If you're going to Walmart, the mall, running errands, working out, jogging, etc...! Throw on your favorite Jags t-shirt or a Jags hat!

3.) If YOU see someone wearing a Jaguars shirt or hat, give them a little "Go Jags!" You would be surprised the reaction you get. I do it EVERY single time and I swear i make someones day every time because they now know that I'm on their side and I'm proud of my team as well!

Just the other day we went to get a beer and John wore his jags hat out. Two people at the bar walked by and said "Go Jags!" and said they were excited for the season. Another example happened today and pretty much inspired me to write this. As I was doing my daily River Walk someone passed by me and yelled "Go Jags!" I was wearing a white t-shirt with a big Jags head on it. It was very cool.

The bottom line: I'm telling you, out of sight out of mind. If people don't see any thing Jaguars then they simply forget about them. That's the way it is. However, when they do see it, they get the same good feeling you and I get when we see something jaguars related. There are other people out there who are ready to join our Jaguar nation. We just need to keep it on their minds and show them that we are proud, we are strong, and that they are welcome to join us! Remember this, you are not only demonstrating your team spirit, you are also putting it on the mind of others ans subliminally inviting them to join you!

I can't wait to be in my seats for another season of Jaguars football!! I'm so excited for not only the upcoming season but for the seasons to come as I KNOW Gene Smith is building us a great team! Now let's do our part as fans...just a little extra and let's sell out this stadium for good! Who's with me? Who will join me the rest of the summer? Let's go Jags fans, the time is now!