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2010 UDFA Profile: Kevin Haslam, OT, Rutgers

After the release of undrafted rookies Chris McGaha and Chris Hawkins, Kevin Haslam is the only undrafted prospect left to profile. Thank you for reading the series. Here are links to all the profiles: Trevor Harris, Jacob Cutrera, Chad Kackert, Terrell Whitehead, Kyle Bosworth, Kommonyan Quaye, Mike Caussin, Josh Gordy, John Estes, Roren Thomas, Daniel Baldridge, Aaron Morgan.

With the 11th overall selection in the draft the 49ers selected Rutgers LT Anthony Davis. Surprisingly nobody in the next 244 picks selected the other tackle for the Scarlet Knights, Kevin Haslam, who escaped to undrafted free agency where he was scooped up by the Jaguars. The offensive lineman was extremely versatile during his time at Rutgers, playing at every offensive line spot except center over his 4 years in college. With painfully thin depth on the interior line, Haslam may be able to make his mark on the Jaguars by contributing as a guard.

At 6'5, 304 pounds, Haslam has size more comparable to the young tackles for the Jaguars, Eugene Monroe (6'5, 320) and Eben Britton (6'6, 309). For Haslam to make an impact on the interior line he'll likely have to work with Luke Richesson in the weight room and pick up some more weight to avoid being pushed around. For now, he has the size and athleticism to be a backup tackle or be a practice squad candidate while he grows into his impressive frame.

As for the mental aspect of the game, he seems to fall in line with the type of character that Gene Smith has started to accumulate in Jacksonville. This is what CBSSports had to say about Haslam's intangibles: "Hard-working player who gives good effort. No major character issues."

Haslam was thought by most to be a mid to late round talent, so it's very possible that the Jaguars stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. For now, making the roster or the practice squad is step 1 for Haslam on his NFL journey.

Video Killed the Scouting Report

Kevin Haslam: By the Numbers

Kevin Haslam
Position 1:  Offensive Tackle
Height:  6'5
Position 2:  Guard
Weight: 304
Bench Reps: 24

 40 Time:  5.62


According to the Experts

Pass blocking: Strong punch, will extend his arms to knock end off his move. Generally sets quickly, takes a good angle on his kick slide and mirrors his man well. Faster pass rushers will cause him to reach or cross his feet. Though he owns a fair anchor, he'll catch defenders more often than he attacks them. Comes up too high out of stance and lacks superior leg strength; will get bull rushed into the pocket by NFL defensive ends.


Run blocking: Gives good effort for the run. Once into his man, will anchor and keep feet moving to sustain the block. Able to push man back a couple of yards off the line of scrimmage when drive blocking. Can come off his down-block to reach another defender.

Pulling/trapping: When trapping, he's not very quick getting into the hole and gets tripped up or lost in the trash. Also struggles to get a hand on linebackers not coming directly at him, allowing penetration.

Initial Quickness: Adequate getting off the snap, but can take him some time to get his hands up into his man's numbers. Athletic enough to improve in this area with coaching.

Downfield: Good mobility to second level; knows the angle he must take to open the hole inside. Able to negate linebackers and safeties with his length and effort, but doesn't get to his target (or adjust to oncoming defenders) often enough because of a lack of flexibility.


Strengths - Great height. Above-average athleticsm. Can pull. Holds his ground in pass protection.

Weaknesses - Lacks lead in his butt. Tall for a guard. Not that physical. Needs to be in a finesse offense. Played out of position as a RT as a senior.


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