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Jacksonville Jaguars Ticket Sales Manager Resigns *Updated*

According to, the Jacksonville Jaguars ticket sales manager, Thomas Patterson has resigned from the organization after a July 18th arrest for public intoxication/disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence.

Mike Florio states that the team did confirm the arrest and resignation, but declined to comment on the situation.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Patterson was arrested at 4:30 A.M. on July 18th and released on July 18th mid-day on bond.

This is an unfortunate black eye on what was otherwise a very positive off-season of season ticket sales news.

I am sure the eventual replacement is not in the forefront of the organizations thoughts at this moment, but I think I know an easy solution to remedy this black eye that will undoubtedly be blown out of proportion. Offer the position to former Jacksonville Jaguar and current spokesman of Team Teal, Tony Boselli. There are murmors the former Jaguar might step his foot in the mayoral race at some point, but I can't think of a better candidate to spearhead the ticket sales and image problem the Jaguars currently have. The organization has done a great job staying out of the news for legal troubles, but I think adding Boselli as the official head of ticket sales could offer the jolt the team may need.


Thomas Patterson's lawyer, Seth Schwartz, has issued a statement on Patterson's behalf:

There are serious questions regarding the events leading up to the arrest. In fact, Officer Crosby, the arresting officer, didn't even write the report -- another officer did. We strenuously disagree with the facts as alleged. We're currently presenting Mr. Patterson's position to the State Attorney's Office.

We are prepared to aggressively defend Mr. Patterson. Based on the facts and Florida law, Officer Crosby had no legal basis for the arrest.

 I'm kind of laughing at this story a bit, for ironic reasons. I was joking with an agent I was talking to yesterday that I kind of wish Jacksonville had some sort of controversy, because all there was to talk about was tickets.

I was trying to get some information, by the way. Unfortunately I'm not yucking it up with agents... yet.