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Countdown to Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp: Day 4

We're going to do a "Countdown to Training Camp" each day this week ending on Friday. In our second installment we'll talk about how proud Jaguars fans should be, before camp even starts.

You would think for an NFL franchise that has no fans and is just biding it's time until it moves to Los Angeles wouldn't have much to be proud about right before training camp.

At least, you'd think that if you believed everything in the national media.

If you look at reality, Jacksonville fans should be extremely proud at this point. The team had a 90%+ renewal rate of season tickets. Not only that, but the franchise also sold well over 13,000 new season tickets, a team record. It's just now getting into the big push time for season tickets, too. The team hasn't even began selling Flex Packs, which always moves quite a few seats.

On top of that, the opening game of the season against the Denver Broncos is sold out. The outlook for blackouts currently looks good. Even if Jacksonville has one or two blackouts, the fans should be extremely proud of the city.

Then comes the news that broke yesterday afternoon that the Jacksonville Jaguarsare expected to announce a reported 5-year naming rights with EverBank at a speculated $5 million a year. There are also reports that the team is working with other local business to have the practice facilities sponsored. This couples with the strong reconnection the team has made with the local business community.

So, with four days until training camp officially begins... Be proud Jaguar fan. It's about time to be the end of the L.A . jokes.

All that's left now is football.