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Let Alualu Watch Commence

Jaguar fans were please to hear that Oakland had signed 8th overall pick Rolando McClain earlier this morning and that 11th overall pick Anthony Davis was supposedly close to a deal with San Francisco. It then appeared that the framework was coming together for Tyson Alualu to be in camp with a minimal holdout, if one at all. However, as the day has worn out, it now appears that the Jaguars will be facing their 3rd straight summer of a prolonged rookie holdout.

The first kick in the gut came when the terms of the deal Oakland made with Rolando McClain. McClain received an insane $23 million in guarantees. Considering that Monroe was given $19.3 million in guarantees, and that Monroe plays a more valuable position, that means the cash register just rung even higher.

The Jaguars have reportedly put their offer on the table for Alualu's agent. If it's been like past offers, then that will be what stays on the table for the entire time. It took Derrick Harvey 33 days to figure that out, and it seems Eugene Monroe's agent was smarter and signed with just a twelve day holdout.

Honestly, I have no idea when Alualu will be getting into camp. I had hope that he would be in by the time the Oklahoma drills took place, but that seems like a stretch right now. Without either CJ Spiller or Anthony Davis signed, both sides will be playing the waiting game. Alualu is giving the usual "I'm letting my agent handle everything" line. It is all business, but at some point the agent does work for the player.

Hopefully Tyson spoke with Harvey and Monroe at some point during OTAs. Harvey's holdout cost him his rookie season for all intents and purposes, while Eugene Monroe didn't get going until Week 5-6. It is a major issue, and everyday that he's out the more he costs his on the field performance.

If the Bills cave in to the Oakland induced salary spike and give Spiller a hefty raise over BJ Raji's deal, this could get ugly.