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Jacksonville Jaguars agree to terms with Tyson Alualu, or do they?

I need a drink.
I need a drink.

In a peculiar situation of events that occurred after today's night practice, which was delayed a little over an hour due to thunderstorms, according to the team Tyson Alualu has agreed to terms. Jack Del Rio told the media after practice that Alualu was heading to Jacksonville from Hawaii and should be at the afternoon practice.

However, once I and many other media members tried to verify this information with Tyson Alualu's agent, we were told no deal was in place.

According to Alualu's agent, Tyson wanted to "pray" on the deal over night with his family before he made a decision. According to Jason LaConfora of NFL Network, the deal would be worth 5 years, $28 million, with $17.5 million guaranteed. The word was that Alualu's agent, Kenny Zuckerman, advised Alualu to take the deal.

Update 12:51 A.M. - Crabtree signed a 6 year deal in 2009 that prorated over 5-years to a guarantee of $14.16 million. Tyson Alualu will be getting $17.15 million over 5 years, which is a 23.5% increase from Crabtree's deal when considering the proration of the 5 years.

It's a rather strange situation, as it's highly unlikely an NFL team would announce a deal to the media if it in fact was not done.

I guess we'll all have to sleep on it and find out in the morning. As of right now, a deal is imminent but not yet finalized.

Also according to Jack Del Rio, Tyson Alualu will receive his own personal Oklahoma Drill with offensive guard Vince Manuwai. Luckily for Tyson Alualu, he should only miss a single padded practice. That is, if he's up to practice after he makes the trek from Hawaii to Jacksonville.

So, Visilii and pksiv, you guys we're right on and I was confused/wrong. Apologies. As the picture caption says, I need a drink. Been a wacky evening on the phone. Cleaned up the comments.