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Wind Sprints: The "It Has Started" Edition

The dates are set for my fantasy football auction drafts and I have begun scouting teams for depth in hopes of once again battling for a championship. In the real world, human beings are fighting for that one shot of glory: making a NFL team. In Jacksonville we thankfully get to move from subjective literary conjecture regarding the teams fate to subjective literary analysis regarding the team's performance.

I hope you enjoy the jump.

  • Tyson Alualu, in my opinion, is doing everything right. Publicly recognizing the pressure as opposed to being defensive has surely earned him fans. That his focus is so tied to family (using his money to build a new church for his father's congregation) should as well. In light of the ego driven athletes that permeate sports, fans of all teams should hope he succeeds.
  • Speaking of Alualu's faith...For all those at the wailing wall because we didn't take Tebow, Tyson may not be as familiar or as vocal about his faith or ethic but he sure seems to mirror Tim in many ways.
  • I am a bit shocked to read the confidence by some in the Jaguars interior line. They may heal from the injuries but the age will ensure they are not performing at the level they were three years ago.
  • For those, including yours truly, who were high on Mike Thomas after last year there is a good news\bad news theme we may be dealing with all season. The good news: he may become that solid slot receiver. The bad news: if the interior line does continue to be a weakness Garrard may be rolling out a lot.God help us all if we have a season of down, set, hike, three step drop, sack.
  • If you do not want to be the token "black candidate" for a coaching job in the NFL then get rid of the Rooney Rule. I will continue to applaud the Detroit Lions for not interviewing a black candidate when they knew who they wanted. I can assure you that a NFL owner would hire the pedophile from Family Guy (Herbert) if that would bring home the Lombardi Trophy.
  • Of all the AFC South draft picks the one that scares me the most is Jerry Hughes. If you watched any TCU football you saw a quick and talented player who was quite disruptive. I had him #2 behind Brandon Graham and am convinced he will flourish in the Colt's scheme and with their present talent.
  • Seeing the stat that Marcedes Lewis led all TE with a 16.2 ypc average, considering his catch total was the 3rd lowest of his four year career, was a reason for hope. That his TD count reads 1-2-2-2 is some water on that flame. This team needs him to be a red zone target if they want to move forward. The closest TE to Lewis (with at least 30 catches) was Antonio Gates with 79 catches, 14.6 ypc and 8 TD. We know he gets open. Get him the ball more!
  • Sticking with TE, can we all hold off on anointing Zach Miller as the next Dallas Clark? The Cleveland game stats were obtained when the game was all but lost. Apart from that highlight he only had one other game of mention. Does he have an upside? Yes. Is it a 16+ game upside. No idea.
  • Here is some perspective for you. I recently spent six days between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Watched local sports a few times. Positive stories on the 49rs. Saw nothing on the Raiders.
  • I'm torn between agreeing or disagreeing with Paul Kuharsky's comment that the Hall of Fame Game was a waste of time. Initially I was in his camp (I could only stomach the first drive of each team) but the more I thought about it the more I came to realize my problem was with who was playing.
  • If you want to make this game more appealing, schedule it during the third week of games when the starters get more playing time.
  • Put me on the bus with those who do not buy into Carson Palmer succeeding with Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco / Johnson at WR.
  • Last Bengals thought. Watching the highlights of that game, Cinci would be crazy to cut Matt Jones. If he can stay clean he is at least a solid fourth receiver.
  • I hear ex-UCLA Bruin Brian Price is doing well in Tampa and could start on opening day. That snap you heard was my arm from patting myself on the back. Yes I waffled a bit on where he should be picked as the draft approached and I blame myself for letting those "experts" influence my perception.
  • I know they generate revenue, but folks, some of you do not look good in a NFL jersey. Correction, most of you. Women look hot in the female, tapered style but unless you have the muscles to pull off that "pad look", go polo or t-shirt. The exception is an authentic jersey with the elastic on the sleeves. Even my thin frame looks good in one of those. A white Mark Brunell if you care.
  • So, Jack Del Rio promises better tackling. OK. You promised that last year too. For the record, better tackling implies the tackle occurred.
  • I am so thankful this site has writers with the time to research, observe and write regularly. I don't care how pedestrian an article may appear, at least it fosters discussion. Like this pedestrian piece.
  • Maybe we should refer to Mike Florio as Lord Voldemort or He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.
  • You want to earn my trust, David Garrard? Beat the Colts. At least in Jacksonville. I watched you get sacked on the 7 yard line in 2008 and overthrow Mike Thomas who was wide open in 2009. The 2006 win at home was all running game and the 2008 win in Indy was thanks to Scobee, the defense and a terrible pass interference call.
  • MJD was not crazy when he stated that the Jaguars had become the highlight reel for other teams and that in doing so they were being disrespected. Did you catch the most recent (well to me it was) commercial for Sunday Ticket with the Miami Dolphins highlight? Chad Henne touchdown scramble against...the Jaguars.
  • If you didn't read Mark Woods' column in the T-U this past weekend here it is. Great quote:

It’s embarrassing that we have garbage along the banks of the river. Embarrassing that we can’t maintain our parks or keep our libraries open. Embarrassing that only a third of our 10th-graders are reading at grade level.

Embarrassing that, with all of our issues, the thing we seem to get most embarrassed about is not filling an NFL stadium.

- Brian Fullford