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Jaguars Scouts already looking at 2011 Draft Prospects

Chris Steuber of reports that the Jaguars attended a Texas A&M practice, with Aggies linebacker Von Miller being the player they were looking at. In addition, Texas A&M QB Jerrod Johnson is considered by many to be a late 1st/2nd round pick. If the Jaguars are serious about getting a QB next April, Johnson would be a candidate.

Steuber also reported the Jaguars sent scouts to Auburn a few days ago. While no players were mentioned specifically, OT Lee Ziemba is an interesting player. Ziemba has started every game since coming to Auburn in 2007 and is one of the top offensive line prospects in the country. In addition, LB Josh Bynes could be a player the Jaguars would want to look at. Although the Jaguars traded for Kirk Morrision in the off season, Bynes is a big hitting MLB.

In addition, the Jaguars have contacted Florida State about the Seminoles practice schedule, according to Charlie Bernstein. Christian Ponder is the obvious target there. Ponder was graded as the #1 QB in the country according to National, above even Jake Locker.