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CBS Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars Rookie Watch

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Each week, we're going to take a look at how the Jacksonville Jaguars rookies are performing and progressing.

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DT - Tyson Alualu

DNP - Alualu has a calf injury and did not play.

DT - D'Anthony Smith

DNP - Smith suffered an achilles injury and will be out for the entire season.

DE - Larry Hart

2.0 tackles

Hart finished with only two tackles, but he was able to get pressure on some plays. He was also pushed around quite a bit on running plays, but that was to be expected given his size.

DE - Austen Lane

DNP - Lane suffered a hamstring injury in camp and did not play.

RB - Deji Karim

2 carries, 9 yards

2 receptions, 5 yards

4 kick returns, average of 38.0 YPR with a long of 68 yards

Karim didn't do much running the football or catching out of the backfield, but he did show his explosiveness returning kicks.

CB - Scotty McGee

1 asst. tackle

2 punt returns with a long of 10 yards

3 kick returns, average of 34.0 YPR with a long of 46 yards

Like Karim, McGee showed why the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted him to be a kick returner. He didn't get many chances returning punts, which is his forte, but on kick returns he was decisive and explosive.

DT - Ko Quaye

2.0 tackles

Quaye looked adequate when he was in the game, but didn't quite show the power he'd show in training camp leading up to the game.

CB - Josh Gordy

1.0 tackles

I don't really remember Gordy doing anything. That is both good and bad for Gordy.

LB  - Jacob Cutrera

1.0 asst. tackle

1.0 sacks

Cutrera got some playing time and had a sack, but he really didn't stand out much at all to me.

OT - Kevin Haslam

Haslam saw quite a bit of playing time at both right and left tackle. Despite struggling in training camp, Haslam had a very good first pre-season game.

C - John Estes

Like Haslam, Estes made the most of his extended playing time at center. He's made a lot of strides in training camp and was able to carry that onto the pre-season.

OT - Daniel Baldridge

Baldridge is a massive offensive tackle, but he's a project player. He struggled quite a bit.

RB - Chad Kackert

1 carry, 2 yards

Kackert didn't get a to of playing time, but he's a player I expect to see a lot of in the future pre-season. He flashed a lot in training camp.

TE - Mike Caussin

2 catches, 25 yards

Caussin made the most of his playing time, catching a great pass from Luke McCown while he was covered up. He made the tough catch for 15 yards. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.