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Jaguars vs Dolphins Initial Impressions

After a nearly two hour rain delay, the Jaguars had their annual preseason duel with the Miami Dolphins. Following a performance vs Philadelphia that caused many fans to be concerned, this game only managed to cause even more. Some initial reactions

1. Jack Del Rio is still going to invoke fan's inner Captain Picard

Coach Del Rio has been known for his less than stellar challenge history, and tonight was no exception. He threw the challenge flag after Scotty McGee clearly fumbled the football in the first quarter. It will be nice to know the Jags will be giving up a timeout a game this season. Also, if there was ever a time to go for two, the last TD was the perfect time.

2. Deji Karim is for real

Seriously, if you haven't realized that, you're living under a rock. He continued to perform at a high level this evening on kick off duties. If he can consistently get the offense past their own 30 on kickoffs in the regular season, he'll be a folk hero.

3. There is no QB controvery

David Garrard was challenged, and in typical David fashion he made some brilliant and some facepalm plays. However, Luke "Skywalker" McCown didn't do much directing the second team offense. It's clear the Jags have 2 QBs who on any given night will play at any end of the spectrum

4. Even with Alualu and Kampman, the defensive line still got handled

After an initial series that was a fan's wet dream, the defensive line went into 2009 mode. Although some pressure did come, it wasn't enough to keep the Dolphins from completing several long passes.