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How to Watch the Jacksonville Jaguars

Hey man... you got RedZone?
Hey man... you got RedZone?

Whenever there is a Jacksonville Jaguars game, there is always the question of how to watch it if you're out of market. There's also the question how to watch the game if it's blacked out, which was an issue last season. This season for the Jaguars, they shouldn't really have that problem.

Just a quick update on that for those wondering; On Saturday the Jaguars distributed over 62,000 tickets. After the two-hour lightning delay, over 40,000 still hit the turnstiles.

There is an easy way to watch the game however, even if the game is blacked out or not in your viewing area.

You've probably seen the name, as it's one of our sponsors: NFL RedZone, available on Comcast.

RedZone is the most affordable and easiest way to watch all the NFL games if they're not shown in your market, or even blacked out. That's a little loophole, so don't tell anyone!

Those unfamiliar with RedZone, essentially the channel lets you see every touchdown from every NFL game, in HD and live, for the most part. It's not just the touchdown play either. A lot of the time you'll get a good part of a drive once it hits the redzone. You won't get the full game, but you'll get the majority of the important plays.

I know a big benefit of it for me, was if I'm not in Jacksonville for a game, I could listen to the game on the radio while watching RedZone. It was great. I could listen to the full Jaguars game AND see the big plays, both good and bad.

In Jacksonville, RedZone is simple to get. It's on channel 740 (390 HD) and is in the Sports Entertainment Tier of Comcast. It's only $5 a month extra in our market. Also, looking at the spread... it's the cheapest in Jacksonville out of all the other markets it's available in.