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Worried about the Jacksonville Jaguars running game?

Worried about the Jacksonville Jaguars running game?

Don't be.

This issue generally comes up every off-season as the Jaguars offense struggles doing the simplest of tasks, running the football. The Jaguars have one of the best running backs in the NFL and it's frustrating for fans to see the team so ineffective at rushing the football.

Currently in the pre-season the Jaguars are averaging 34 rushing yards a game, dead last in the NFL.

I already see a number of people on various forums and in comments beginning to worry about the lack of a rushing game, but they need not worry. The Jaguars go through this every season and it always winds up to be the strength of their offense, as it should be once again. While the Jaguars are still sorting out some issues at one of the guard positions, the running game has always gone by the way side in the preseason. Just look at the history of it.

  • 2009: Maurice Jones-Drew: 29 total rushing yards in the entire pre-season.
  • 2008: Maurice Jones-Drew: 31 total rushing yards in the entire pre-season.
  • 2007: Maurice Jones-Drew: 28 total rushing yards in the entire pre-season.

The Jaguars know they can run the football. Generally in pre-season teams work on the weakest aspects of their game. In the Jaguars case, it's the passing game and pass protection. There is little to no game planning prior to the third pre-season game. It might be surprising to some people, but there is a lot of game planning that goes into run blocking and how the offensive line will move and block. When there is none, it's just lining up man to man and moving them. Would you like to see the Jaguars succeed in that to some regard?

Sure, but it's not a real issue.

This upcoming Saturday in Tampa Bay, I expect the Jaguars to run the ball as they should in the regular season. It might not be Maurice Jones-Drew carrying the football, but either Rashad Jennings, Greg Jones, or Deji Karim should be able to run the football much better than the Jaguars have in the previous two pre-season games, as there has been an obvious emphasis on passing the football.

I mean let's be honest... Is anyone actually concerned about Maurice Jones-Drew?