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Could the Jacksonville Jaguars go Waiver Wire Shopping at QB?

Generally most teams now keep only two quarterbacks on their roster and a third on the practice squad. There are a couple teams however, that have interesting dynamics on their team at the quarterback position, and there's potential for a practice squad quarterback other than Trevor Harris.

I know a lot of people like Trevor Harris because he's "Gene's guy", but in reality it's highly unlikely he'll amount to anything other than a practice squad player. Nothing against Trevor Harris, he just doesn't have the NFL tools, specifically an NFL arm. His arm is suspect and coming from Edinboro he's going to be like a fish out of water for quite a while. He made some nice throws in camp on occasion, but overall it was pretty obvious he's going to be a practice squad guy, at best. Harris didn't even play on Saturday against the Miami Dolphins despite the fact that Luke McCown came into the game in the early second quarter.

There are some teams that will be trimming their rosters at quarterback however, that will offer some potential at the quarterback position as a 3rd quarterback or practice squad player. Most of these quarterbacks will stick with their current team, but some teams have a couple guys who will get cut and they won't be keep two quarterbacks on the squad or the player might want to test waters other places because of the situation.

Tony Pike & Hunter Cantwell

Tony Pike was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 6th round. The problem for Pike is that the Panthers also drafted Jimmy Clausen and have Matt Moore on their roster. It's doubtful Carolina keeps three quarterbacks, and if they do it's likely going to be Hunter Cantwell. Both Cantwell and Pike will be practice squad eligible. To be honest I haven't really watched either play in the preseason, but I feel both offer more upside than Harris. Pike was said to be a "Gene guy" going into the 2009 season prior to the draft, for what it's worth. The Jaguars scouted him quite a bit.

Max Hall & John Skelton

These two players I thought were rather impressive in the Shrine Bowl and both wound up on the Arizona Cardinals. It is likely the Cardinals keep three quarterbacks this year, given their situation is a mess with Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson have looked barely short of awful. Also to consider, the availability of someone like Kellen Clemens might also make it easier for the Cardinals to part with one or both. Again it presents a situation where one could be available to another teams practice squad.

Dan LeFevour

Dan LeFevour hasn't been very impressive in Bearscamp. LeFevour was likened quite a bit to Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Both of which are considered projects at the NFL level and won't be ready for a little while. LeFevour is on the ropes in Chicago with the Bears signing Todd Collins with the injury to Caleb Hanie. It's unsure whether the Bears keep 3 quarterbacks, but if they do LeFevour is likely on the outs. I know Gene Smith was seen tracking LeFevour's passes at the Senior Bowl.

Levi Brown

Buffalo has a quarterback crap-shoot, but it looks like Trent Edwards is in the lead. After Edwards the Bills have Brian Brohm and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Brown was considered a great developmental prospect by a lot of pundits coming out of the draft, so it's very possible Buffalo holds onto him, but it's also likely Buffalo will be in the hunt for a first round quarterback in the 2011 draft.

It's unlikely a move is made at the position, as the Jaguars should be fine with two quarterbacks and will be looking at the 2011 draft for their quarterback of the future, but it warranted mentioning given some cuts that could occur.