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Could the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs work out a trade?

Full disclosure: This is pure speculation.

It's not even my original idea, as the question was posed to me on Twitter by DavidDan Passen; "Would you trade Greg Jones for Jarrad Page?"

I said, "Absolutely. I'm stealing your idea."

There is feeling that Jacksonville Jaguarsfullback Greg Jones could be on the chopping block unless something significant happens, mostly due to his large salary ($3 million) and injury history. If you couple those two issues with the fact that the Jaguars are seemingly phasing out the fullback position and the emergence of Brock Bolin and the ability of Montell Owens, it's easy to see Jack Del Rio's son from another mother is potentially on the chopping block.

Greg Jones is a tremendous fullback, when healthy. He is a devastating lead blocker, when healthy, and one of his biggest assets is his vision, given he was a big-time runningback at Florida State before he had one of his many knee injuries.  Jones is also an asset in pass protection, sometimes being the only back in the backfield on third and long. He's a pretty good receiver out of the backfield and can get yards after the catch, as he's exceedingly difficult to bring down. Prior to the 2007 season Greg Jones looked primed to be a combo-back similar to Le'Ron McClain in Baltimore, but his knee was injured again in the pre-season.

While Greg Jones is still a very good fullback, when healthy, the Jaguars have pressing needs at the safety position. The Jaguars offense, namely the running game, has hummed along just as well with Greg Jones out of the lineup. As I mentioned previously, he's an asset, but I think Montell Owens has developed enough as a player to the point that he nearly makes Greg Jones expendable.  The Kansas City Chiefs seemingly want to upgrade their fullback position, as some fans were hoping that John Conner of the New York Jets would beat out former-Chief Tony Richardson and Richardson would be released to return to Kansas City.

It doesn't look like that is going to happen, so Greg Jones offers a potential trading piece for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have a trading piece that would also help out the Jaguars in safety Jarrad Page. Page has been rumored in trades all off-season, mostly with the Detroit Lions. It's almost inevitable that the Chiefs part ways with Jarrad Page, given the controversy that's ensued with the mis-handling of his stint on injured reserve last season and the accusation that head coach Todd Haley intimidated Page into playing with an injury. Many media members in Kansas City, including Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride, feel that Page won't ever suit up for the Chiefs again.

Page would be an immediate upgrade at the safety position with the Jacksonville Jaguars, starting opposite either Gerald Alexander or Anthony Smith. Executing a rare player-for-player trade would allow general manager Gene Smith to keep the draft picks he supposedly covets and not hinder the Jaguars from moving around in the 2011 NFL Draft if they so chose to get a quarterback. Page would likely be on a one-year deal if he's traded to Jacksonville, unless Jacksonville signs him to a long term deal as one of the concessions of a trade.

One thing is certain however, the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to become a more run-oriented team according to head coach Todd Haley."What I'm excited about is I feel like we're going to have a chance to be a pretty good running football team. I think that's the way, I believe, you win games. I think we're building on that. I'm starting to get excited that we can be pretty productive running the football," said Todd Haley. The Chiefs are looking to build on what they found in running back Jamaal Charles and added veteran Thomas Jones in the off-season. In the first two pre-season games, the Chiefs have ran the football rather well.

As I said, this is pure speculation sparked by a question I was asked on Twitter. It makes a lot of sense, from the Jaguars side of things, so it's likely it won't happen.

I've asked Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride for his perspective:

No, this wouldn't make sense for the Chiefs. The feeling around Kansas City is that the Chiefs won't do anything with Page until someone comes along with an offer they like. You have to remember: The Chiefs don't have to do anything with Page. They own his rights but he's not signed. That means they can let him rot if they want.

We just love him (Tony Richardson) here in KC because he used to play for the Chiefs and still does a lot of charitable work and all that. Let me put it this way: I'd be shocked if the Chiefs entered the season with someone other than Mike Cox or Tim Castille at FB.

Personally I think Greg Jones stays one last season and is released in the 2011 off-season, barring a reconstruction of his contract.