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Conflicting Reports: Jacksonville Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew has Surgery

According to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reports that Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew had arthroscopic clean-up surgery on his knee due to lingering meniscus issues.

Jones-Drew was already expected to miss Saturday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but now he's going to be out the remainder of the pre-season.

"It's like Allen Iverson said, it's practice," Jones-Drew said Thursday. "There's no worries."

At this point, there's no cause for concern as far as his availability for the regular season.

Of course, the injury might give fantasy football owners some pause when it comes to selecting Jones-Drew in their respective drafts.

Jones-Drew wasn't likely to play in the final pre-season game anyway, so there is no real cause for concern.

If there was a regular season game tomorrow, Jones-Drew would play.

UPDATED 5:46 PM - Conflicting Report Emerges

According to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union via Twitter:

Maurice Jones-Drew did not make the trip to Tampa, but he did not have athroscopic knee surgery as has been reported, according to his agent Adisa Bakari and an independent source.

"Absolutely false," Bakari said. "Maurice did not have surgery."

"What arthroscopic surgery is there that a player can return in one week?" Bakari said. "There isn't one."

So, who do you believe? I honestly don't know. Aaron Wilson has good sources with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but an agent is right to the source so-to-speak. Agents however are not always going to give the truth publicly, as sometimes it helps the player to fib a bit. I'm not calling Bakari a liar in the least, just pointing that out when trying to find information. This is why multiple sources are generally preferred.

I'm going to let this one play out while I make some calls.

UPDATED 7:03 PM - Story Changes to "Rumored"

It's come to my attention that National Football Post has seemingly changed their story from "I learned he had surgery..." to "It's been rumored..."

I'm going to say this is busted. He had no surgery.