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Brett Favre Retiring? Maybe, let's remember him versus the Jacksonville Jaguars

It's Brett Favre finally retiring?

Who the heck knows.

Reports surfaced today that Brett Favre is leaning towards retirement, which means training camp is in full swing. Let's take a quick moment to remember Brett Favre vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Brett Favre only played in three total games against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a record of 2-1. In those three games he threw seven (7!) touchdowns against the Jaguars with only four interceptions. He threw for a combined 931 yards and completed 6.8% of his passes. He also had a single rushing touchdown.

It's still pretty astonishing that "Lorenzo" played 20 years in the NFL and only faced the Jacksonville Jaguars three times.

Wanna bet this story isn't over?

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