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John Clayton Ranks NFL QB's, Where's Garrard fall?

John Clayton of ESPN came out with his annual quarterback rankings.

So, where does Jacksonville Jaguars David Garrard fit in?

Here is where Clayton puts David Garrard:

20. David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars

Analysis:This might be his final season as the Jags' starter, but don't underestimate him. He is a good leader and still has the ability to complete 60 percent of his passes.

Chance of being elite: 5 percent

Clayton puts the quarterbacks in three divisions: the elite, the Chad Pennington division, and the hit-or-miss division. He put Garrard in the Pennington division.

The next category is what I call the Chad Pennington Division. Pennington, a former starter who's now a backup with the Dolphins, doesn't have the strongest arm but he once was good enough to take a team to the playoffs with a good surrounding cast or a favorable schedule. The quarterbacks who fit this mold include Denver's Kyle Orton, who I think has a very small chance even now to end up in the elite group.

I don't necessarily disagree, though I would place David Garrard ahead of Vince Young, who falls in at 18.